How Educators Can Make The Transition From A Print-Based Curriculum To A Digital

Reasons To Realize The Transition From A Print-Based Curriculum To A Digital

Richard Byrne, the author of the Free Technology For Teachers was invited by the ISD Now for ideas on How to Make Your Curriculum Digital. By watching the following video you will be able to answer the following questions related to how educators can make the transition from a print-based curriculum to a digital one:

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  • What are the benefits of a digital curriculum from an instructor and a student perspective?
  • What are the first steps toward creating a digital curriculum starting from scratch and modifying existing curriculum?
  • How are you going to locate the resources, tools and tactics,  to use in your digital classroom?
  • What are the tools that you will use to publish your digital curriculum without creating more work for yourself?
  • How to get your students, peers, and supervisors to buy-in.
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