How To Write A Dissertation

Tips On How To Write A Dissertation

How to write a dissertation? Let's see how to choose a title, how to create the plan of work, how to work with your consultant, and what you should write in every part.


The title of your dissertation should be easily reformulated into a question. Unfortunately, it is not customary to call a dissertation in the form of a question, but in your head you should have an interrogative sentence. You must understand exactly what you want to learn and tell your readers.


When there is an issue to investigate, it becomes clear into which parts it needs to be divided - and these are the chapters of your dissertation. This is the structure of your work and it should be in your head from the very beginning of the work. You cannot think that at first you will study something, and then develop a structure. As long as you have no questions, then you work with dead material: If you do not ask anything, you will not get anything.

Remember that with a wrong work plan you can write a good job, but without a plan you can not. The earlier you create a structure, the better the result will be.

Choosing A Topic

The topic should be adequate and according to your strengths. Do not plan anything super complicated and super global.

I advise everyone to download and read Umberto Eco How to Write a Thesis. Umberto Eco says that there can not be too narrow topic. You can write a diploma about how to sell Marlboro cigarettes in the nearest stall, but you must know all about these sales. Too global task takes you to the side.

Working With The Supervisor Of Studies

The most important quality, without which you can not successfully build your work with a scientific adviser, is intrusiveness. If you do not bother your supervisor, then you are not good as a student. You should torture him with questions, reminders and do not be shy about it. You have the opportunity to work with a bright and interesting person. Use this resource to the fullest.


In addition to the work plan, it is absolutely necessary to have a schedule: What and at what stage you will be doing. Many people tend to perceive the word deadline as an insult. But deadline is deadline: You need to execute the schedule. You can fall behind, but at least you will know where are you and do not have illusions.

Internal Organization Of Work

In each part of your dissertation, you need to understand how your writing is related to your main research question.


The main part of your dissertation, of course, is the introduction. This is basic. Often opponents do not read further. It's bad, but it's true. Even if a person reads the dissertation to the end, then the idea of ​​the work is formed from the introduction. The introduction can range from a fifth to a quarter of your work. Precisely not less than 15%. What should it be?

  1. First of all, this is the reason for the topic: Why to write about it at all? What is interesting, why is the topic worth of attention? Here, the research question is formulated. Your task is to explain why it is important to deal with this issue.
  2. Then the question arises: What is already known about this? What answers were given? You must draw a basic position: This issue is covered by such and such authors.
  3. And the third mandatory part of your introduction is an explanation of the structure of your work: How do you break your main research issue into smaller ones.

The rest is up to you.


The second important point is the conclusion. It should be shorter than the introduction. And here there are 2 options:

  1. Summarize briefly: What questions were asked, what answers were received?
  2. To show the perspective: If I began to write a sequel, then what would I write about?

The two options are easy to combine.

Final Word

All in all, you need to organize your writing process properly and know your time limits. Work every day, see your final aim, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Writing a dissertation is a complicated issue, but it is possible to do it.