How Your ROI Will Look After Implementing An Authoring Tool Product Listing Strategy

How Your ROI Will Look After Implementing An Authoring Tool Product Listing Strategy
Summary: Marketing risks must be worth the reward. In this article, I share tips to calculate ROI for an authoring tool product listing.

What Will Your ROI Look Like After An Authoring Tool Directory List?

You never know how promotional strategies will pan out. A technique that works wonders for one company might fall flat for another. It all depends on your budget, goals, and target audience, among other things. But an authoring tool product listing with PPC is the exception to the rule since you’re able to set spending limits and customize your SEO strategy. The question is, how much does it benefit your bottom line? It’s impossible to zero in on an exact figure. However, you can estimate total cost versus sales forecasts. Here are some insider tips to calculate (and maximize) your ROI after launching an authoring tool directory list with PPC.

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1. Start With Measurable Outcomes

Now is the time to determine your KPIs so that you can measure accurate ROI. Marketing aims should be quantifiable, which makes it easier to evaluate success. For example, you need to acquire ten new customers by this date or boost free trial signups by 20% percent. While some ROI factors are based on direct sales, others indirectly tie into your profit margin. Buyers might now purchase your product immediately. However, they are more likely to do so after they finish the free trial.

2. Use Geo-Bidding To Focus Spending

Geo-bidding allows you to concentrate on certain markets. In fact, you can display ads in over 200 countries with a PPC listing. So, you can focus spending on areas that yield the most conversions or even promote upcoming events that are location-based; for instance, conferences or eLearning tech trade shows. Or you’re hosting an authoring tool workshop in Spanish. As such, you may want to spend more in those parts of the globe to drum up more business.

3. Evaluate PPC Reports For Daily Performance

Another effective way to measure ROI is to analyze daily performance reports, which are included with PPC listings. This gives you the opportunity to see how certain ads are faring and if they need minor adjustments. You can also adjust graphs to evaluate bigger time windows, like weekly or monthly reports that help you calculate PPC averages.

4. Keep An Eye On The Content Authoring Tools Conversion Rate

Conversions are often the focal point of online marketing. And rightfully so. They tell you how many visitors actually clicked through and converted into paying customers. Or signups, in some cases. High percentages indicate that your PPC campaign is paying off. That your SEO efforts, audience research, and landing page optimization is improving your ROI. On the other hand, low stats are a tell-tale sign of a disconnect. Somewhere along the way, visitors lost interest. They clicked but decided not to take the leap. If so, you may need to reevaluate your directory listing and/or landing page copy. The CTA or PPC keywords might also be the culprits.

5. Adjust Your Budget Based On CPC Stats

Cost-per-click stats indicate how much you’ve spent for every click-through. Essentially, this is the winning bid amount. However, many organizations use the CPC average instead of the actual bid cost, as it offers a more holistic overview of your authoring tool product listing marketing campaign. That said, you should evaluate bid amounts for detailed metrics, then adjust your budget to maximize the benefits. For instance, you’re using highly competitive keywords, so you pay more for each click. Thus, you may want to raise your budget to increase total clicks or fine-tune your PPC campaign to target less competitive keywords and markets.

6. Monitor ROI Growth With The Built-In Conversion Pixel

PPC listings for content authoring tools also include a conversion pixel. As such, you can calculate ROI with greater accuracy, then use the data to measure growth. For example, there were higher conversion rates and click-throughs in February, but stats were lower in March. Trace it back to the source to see why one month outperformed another. Did you use long-tail keywords that targeted a specific niche or industry? Were there any changes to your directory listing product overview? Like most marketing strategies, PPC involves experimentation. You have to try different approaches to see what works, and charting your ROI gives you all the info you need to create a new and improved action plan.

7. Track Site Traffic That’s Tied To Your Authoring Tool Directory Listing

Authoring tool directory listings with PPC come with advanced back-end reports. However, you should also monitor traffic to product landing pages and sites that are connected to your list. For example, your free trial sign-up page or eCommerce site. After all, this is what it’s all about. The main goal is to extend your online reach and bring even more qualified leads to your platform so that they can learn more about your brand and click that “buy” button. These traffic stats help you determine how successful your PPC campaign really is and how it impacts your profit margin.


One of the most profitable perks of authoring tool product listings with PPC is that you set your own campaign budget. You can even evaluate CPCs and conversions, then adjust your max bid accordingly. Another advantage is access to flexible reports so that you can monitor daily performance. It’s fully transparent. Thus, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees lowering your ROI unexpectedly. Register your authoring tool company today and create a listing to connect with qualified leads.

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