How To Effectively Use Technology To Have An Interactive Mobile Learning Experience

How To Effectively Use Technology In Order To Have An Interactive Mobile Learning Experience
Summary: The pros and cons of mobile learning and how to create an engaging mobile learning experience.

6 Ways You Can Design An Interactive Mobile Learning Experience

Mobile phones, when introduced, did the basic function of making and receiving calls. Cut the scene to today and mobile phones have emerged as the best innovation of the century. Not only are they used as a call device but they literally connect you to the world. The advent of the internet strengthened the position of mobiles as the must-have device. Today, many of the things have been replaced by the mobile device, and the printed matter is one of them.

Benefits Of Mobile Learning

Newspapers, books, classrooms, all are available on the mobile device. Mobile-based learning is rapidly gaining popularity and why not? After all, the mobile offers umpteen benefits.

  • Portability
    You can access your online class from anywhere.
  • Flexibility
    The course content can be downloaded and read anytime. Many of the courses offer flexible timings so that professionals can use their spare time to complete their course.
  • Adaptability
    Are you slow in learning? With mobile learning, you need not worry about having to understand the subject fast. Learn the difficult subjects at your own pace without any time constraint.
  • Dynamic
    With mobile learning, be ready to learn the latest topics. It is not similar to the static textbook topics wherein you are still learning some outdated topics. With mobile learning, you learn the recently updated topics always.
  • Interactive
    The mobile learning experience is very interactive with rich content, videos, live sessions, forums, quizzes, live chats, games, and expert talks.
  • Global
    With no classrooms required, the mobile courses offered today are designed by experts globally. So you can enroll and learn the courses prepared by experts from anywhere.
  • Tools
    The mobile learning courses make use of various innovative and unique tools to make the experience rich and attractive.

How Do You Create An Interactive Learning Experience On Mobile Devices?

While it may seem that mobile learning is all fun, there are many important shortcomings too. Let us see the cons of mobile learning platforms first:

  • Many of the students and professionals are very skeptic of mobile learning. They still prefer the classroom method with a live interaction of their tutors.
  • The small screen often frustrates the users.
  • The learners today have a short attention span. The textbook method of teaching will not help for the mobile learning platform. They get easily distracted and do not commit for longer periods.

So, it becomes pertinent that you design and create interactive learning modules that are short, bite-sized or micro that will keep the readers engaged and gets across the information conveyed very quickly.

6 Tips To Design An Interactive Mobile Learning Experience

Interactive learning is when you use the right methods of technology to deliver content to the user that provides ample opportunities for them to see, understand and learn. The format should be such that the users appraise, interpret and summarize rather than merely labeling, describing or memorizing it. The user engagement and interactivity is not solely dependent on content. The learning experience has to be full that is to be seamless, relevant, convenient, and effective.

Mobile learning is related to microlearning. It is nothing but creating shorter modules of the subject so that the content can be grasped immediately and effectively. These bite-sized mobile learning experiences have to be designed so that the desired outcome can be achieved in a fraction of the time.

1. Cover Small And Easy Topics First

Break the subject into easy short topics first. If the student is able to understand and learn the basic or the first lesson, he is naturally going to progress to the next level. The students of today are not going to waste their time by taking up the entire module. They are going to pick up what best suits their requirement and are going to learn only those topics that seem required to them.

2. Make The Student Take Self-Assessments

Self-assessment tests before the start of the course help them to know if they are really lacking in the subject. It makes them sure if they would like to proceed with the eLearning experience. The self-assessment tests even help them to understand their areas of strengths and areas where improvement is necessary. Self-assessment at the end of their online mobile learning experience helps them to track their progress. The surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires help you to get the relevant feedback from the students so that you can increase the methods of interaction and engagement of their mobile learning experience.

3. Use More Visuals

Even kids today frequently watch videos on YouTube. Anything and everything can be made interesting if presented in the form of videos, images, and infographics. Create short videos on every possible topic in the subject. Videos provide a rich and powerful learning experience to the students and professionals.

4. Include Effective Content

Content may seem pale in comparison with visuals. But quality content never fails. Start the content by something that will evoke immediate attention. Captivate them by using clever content tricks by picking some interesting headline. The headline in the format of a question makes them take notice of it. This is precisely the reason why Quora has become a hit among mobile users. And the first two to three answers are always what they read. You have to be able to successfully grab their attention and effectively convey your information within this short length.

5. Use The Latest Tools

The use of the latest technological tools like responsive websites and rich mobile apps will improve the mobile learning courses that you offer. Get in touch with the technical experts who will guide you to design an eLearning website that will be interactive, engaging, SEO-friendly, and fast. This will help you get more and more students for the course.

6. Track Data To Fine-Tune The Mobile Learning Experience

Use tools that support analytics. Analytics provide you with awesome data that helps you to know where you have done good or bad. With this, you can track the areas where improvisation is needed.

Wrap Up

Creating and providing an interactive mobile learning experience means that you need to understand the pulse of your students. You will have to keep yourself constantly updated about the latest technological advancements in mobile learning so that you pass on the benefits to your users.