7 Amazing IoT (Internet of Things) Trends To Keep Your Eye On In 2020

IoT Trends To Pay Attention To In 2020
Summary: From healthcare and finance to retail and maintenance, IoT continues to expand its horizon with pace. Major trends like IoT’s combination with AI; the role of blockchain in IoT; its role in verticals like retail, cloud computing, and predictive maintenance, etc., are the talk of the hour.

Top Emerging IoT Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Nowadays, the internet is making life extremely facile and brisk for everyone. It is not only making lives easier but also making the world a small place now. Thanks to the growing advancements, the internet is now deeply entrenched in our systems to enrich us. It is impossible for people to imagine their lives without the internet as each and every aspect of the world is now connected to make everything convenient, simple, and smart. Likewise, to keep the world even more connected, the advent of IoT (Internet Of Things) has been a blessing.

As Edewede Oriwoh himself has rightly said, “The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a concept but a true technological network of all networks around the world.” IoT has the ability to connect with anything, be it smartphones, vehicles, people or even animals by providing them with unique identifiers (UIDs). The major part of this technology is its ability to transfer information over a network without any human or computer interaction.

IoT is increasing and evolving everyday with better ideas because of new advancements in technologies and concepts like smart homes, thermostats, sensors. Tracking and monitoring different objects is now required for security and comfort. Perhaps it is safe to say that hiring mobile app developers for custom tailoring of applications of such technologies will prove to be an extremely profitable deal for people in the near future. But let’s discuss the kind of trends taking a course in the world of the Internet of Things.

Top 7 IoT Trends To Watch In 2020

IoT is nothing less than a blessing for people and it’s not going to stop with its advancement anytime soon. So here’s our take on the top 7 emerging IoT trends that can shape the bright future.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the amalgamation of human intelligence and action in a machine that mimics and thinks exactly like humans. AI has the ability to think rationally and work in a manner that helps industries achieve a particular goal. Artificial Intelligence will dominate the future, and introducing this technology in business will clearly result in the enhancement of future prospects of a company and strategize a good plan of action when required.

According to Bill Gates himself, Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can work a treat when it comes to producing goods and services with less labor. Overwhelmingly, this is something that hasn’t troubled anyone in society over the last several hundred years. Combining Artificial Intelligence with IoT will make this smart feature even more interesting and enhance its abilities.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain is a boon for IoT and can prove to be extremely profitable for IoT industries as it is a magnificent option to track millions of connected devices and process coordination between devices. It is a technology that has proven its worth through cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and can help IoT in tracking the history of devices. Hyundai Digital Asset Currency (HDAC) says that with a trustworthy blockchain system, hacking threats can be removed and protect users' privacy.

3. IoT In The Healthcare Industry

With the boom in IoT, healthcare industries can have major benefits. With wearable devices, consultants can very easily talk to patients and get doctors on your doorstep using some interactive mobile healthcare apps like HelpAround, Insight Optics and Medicine. Access to healthcare can be an easier and different process, even faster going forward. The field of healthcare that embraces IoT is highly encouraged.

4. Personalizing Retail

IoT is going to be present everywhere, so how can it leave behind the retail shops and enrich your shopping experience? The introduction of IoT in retail will make this chain even more efficient. For example, you are well aware of the route map from home to a supermarket but what if you have a route map of the store which helps you in getting your stuff smoothly and saves a lot of time? Advancement in retail with IoT will bring a new era of shopping which will make it a better experience for customers.

5. Predictive Maintenance To Be Boosted Up By IoT

IoT has not only made its benchmark in the technological world but also has entered our house to fix our personal problems with smart solutions. For example, the concept of smart homes (having sensors inside and outside of the house) is becoming prevalent. These sensors will warn house owners about system malfunctions, plumbing leaks, and electrical problems over their smartphones so owners can take quick actions to prevent any mishap.

With the support of IoT, the introduction of sensors in aircraft, warehouses, and cars will make everything functioning extremely smoothly and quickly.

6. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers computer services like storage and intelligence to provide a smooth resource. It is cost-efficient and secure, providing several kinds of policies to protect your data from threats. Cloud computing provides scale elasticity which means it offers the right amount of IT services. Cloud computing is one of the most significant security developments which will be the future of IoT data protection.

Computers with internet connectivity can sometimes be dangerous and downloads of spyware can have your personal information at stake. With cloud computing, smartphones, vehicles and wearable devices can hold several malware records.

7. Staying Aware

IoT tech leaders developed companies and enterprises are currently working to build out the true implementation of the IoT techniques. According to new IoT trends, more of today's industries and businesses will look at the IoT as a magic wand to attract consumers, grow brands, and improve User Experiences. Similarly, manufacturers will be asked to produce more IoT devices to make them more comprehensive. Take an account of Gartner, for instance. The tech giant thinks that in 2020, 95% of electronics will be powered by IoT.

Final Word

The Internet of Things is all set to amalgamate with other technologies to make lives easy and smart. Whether we talk about IoT’s role in the finance industry or its integration in healthcare services, advancements in this technology will further bring great achievements in the whole technological ecosystem around the world. As we saw in this article, the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring the world closer and make it prosperous in every sense.