Joomla For eLearning?

Joomla LMS plug-in by Docebo

Cloud technology has finally reached an apex that has enabled rapid, easy and scalable integration. Cloud technology allows companies and organizations to work with multiple applications, and businesses, to collaborate and to work as one by using off-the-shelf integration API or Apps - even in the E-Learning market.

Integrating E-Learning for Business’ purposes

Businesses need training for a variety of reasons: Training keeps a workforce up to date and increase its performance, shares company knowledge through induction programs and training helps businesses meet legal and compliance requirements.

In this scenario, E-Learning is able to provide companies with more efficient training, by reducing overall training costs as well as providing a system that can continuously track users training and results.  When “Learning” becomes “E-Learning” companies need affordable and reliable tools to deliver online training.  That is, companies need a strait forward method to integrate with other business software already in use: such as web conferencing, HR software, Content Management System and so on.

How To Transform a CMS into a LMS

For a Content Management Systems (CMS) integration can be widespread, as each company owns an official website. By integrating a corporate website with an E-Learning platform, companies can build a single online portal where all their branding, training and commercial activities can be unified in a single, technologically enhanced online platform.

In the actual market, we see a large number of CMSs, but only a few of them are really supported and used by worldwide companies: these are WordPress and Joomla.

Docebo, a cloud E-Learning solutions provider, has already integrated WordPress with it's Docebo Learning Management System (LMS) allowing companies all over the world to transform their WordPress website into an efficient Online Training portal.

Joomla LMS plug-in by Docebo

Within the last few days, Docebo has also made its Apps Marketplace available on the LMS integration plug-in for Joomla, a comprehensive extension for Joomla users that simplifies any Joomla installation into a cutting edge E-Learning portal.

How does it work? It’s pretty easy, especially for those who are already using Docebo (vice versa, you can activate a free trial on the Docebo’s official website). It's just a matter of downloading and installing the ZIP package via your Joomla dashboard - it only requires a couple of minutes even if you’re new to using Joomla.

Integrations Benefits of Joomla LMS plug-in

By activating this integration plug-in, Joomla users are able to assign and manage training by using the Joomla administration dashboard, as well as activate Joomla blocks on the website to display courses assigned to logged-in users.

Moreover, the integration comes with a SSO enablement (Single Sign On between the two applications) and the opportunity to sync the users-database, by importing Joomla users within Docebo.

If you want to make the most out of your Joomla CMS installation, you can visit Docebo’s official page to download the plug-in and transform your website into a professional E-Learning portal.

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