How A Large UK Retailer Uses Elucidat To Create eLearning 4X Faster

Elucidat For Creating eLearning 4X Faster 

Digital Learning Manager Sam Taylor needed a solution that could deliver learning to colleagues much quicker than before. She also wanted to give colleagues the opportunity to learn on tablet and smartphone devices.

Sam Taylor chose Elucidat, an award-winning authoring tool (Gold Brandon Hall Award and 2015 UK eLearning Award) that helps large companies and training providers streamline eLearning design, production, and deployment, enabling them to deliver multi-device eLearning 50% faster.

"We've got people clamoring to use the tool which we never had before. We've doubled the amount of people making eLearning whilst reducing costs by 50%." - Sam Taylor

Why They Chose Elucidat

  • No need for technically experienced designers.
    Elucidat has made it easy for trainers to create great looking eLearning with only two hours of training.
  • Less time to create engaging and robust eLearning.
    Although Elucidat is simple to get started with, it is also robust for team members who need to design advanced eLearning. Compared with other traditional tools, it takes less time to create non-linear learning: branching scenarios and menu screens (read more here).
  • Mobile-friendly learning. 
    Elucidat's responsive design feature seamlessly delivers the organization’s learning on smartphone and tablet devices. Instead of creating two versions of each course (desktop and mobile), the organization uses Elucidat’s responsive slider to build and test mobile-friendly learning on desktop and mobile devices.

What Happened? 

Elucidat was rolled out to 37 authors within the organization. Even inexperienced staff could use the tool with just two hours of training. Every user was very surprised at how easy it was to use.

Over a period of three months, there was a 50% increase in the number of users using Elucidat. This was simply unheard of with previous authoring tools. With more users involved in the authoring process, Elucidat significantly helped the organization increase the speed at which it created eLearning.

Sam Taylor and her team are now creating eLearning modules in a couple of days rather than months. The organization is using Elucidat for all types of learning: compliance training, leadership skills training, and diagnostic assessments.

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What Makes Elucidat An Award-Winning Authoring Tool?


Elucidat’s award-winning authoring tool helps large companies and training providers streamline eLearning design, production, and deployment, enabling them to deliver multi-device eLearning 50 percent faster.

In addition, Elucidat’s simple point and edit functionality empowers all team members (even non-technical ones) to create beautiful eLearning that stands out from the crowd.

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