Webinars To Add To Your Watchlist This Fall

L&D Webinars To Add To Your Watchlist This Fall
Summary: Watch these 6 L&D webinars this fall to soak up insights from industry experts and uncover actionable tips.

Awesome L&D Webinars That Are Worth An Autumnal Watch

What's the driving force behind successful online training programs? How to fuel employee growth with hybrid learning? Is there a way for leaders to leverage mobile learning to drive team performance? If any of these questions have been weighing heavy on your mind, we've got you covered! It's time to cozy up with a good webinar and learn all about organizational maturity, employee development, updating eLearning voiceovers, and so much more. So, grab something pumpkin spice and enjoy one of these streaming sessions.

6 Unmissable Webinars To Stream This Fall

1. Eleventh-Hour Script Changes: Updating eLearning Voiceover On Time And Under Budget [WellSaid Labs]

What do you do when an unexpected script change threatens to derail your implementation timeline? Between mobilizing your team and coordinating a voiceover pick-up session, your budget and schedule are bound to pay the price. This webinar will help you save time and stretch resources without cutting corners. Learn how to produce voiceover with AI, use modern TTS to boost product efficiency, and create your own brand-centered AI voice avatars.

Speakers: Jordan Cooper & Katie Ducich

2. Suite Dreams: A Learning Suite Market Overview [Learning Pool]

This webinar covers all the important aspects that learning technologists need to know to adapt to the New Normal. You'll get a critical review of the state of the current LXP and learning suite market, from their origins to the latest integrated tech. This webinar also explores L&D throughout the employee lifecycle so that you can better understand how each stage requires something different to make it learner-centered.

Speakers: Dr. Ben Betts & John Helmer

3. Learning Organization Maturity: What Drives L&D Impact And Finding Your Breakthrough Moment [Kineo]

What really drives organizations to accelerate their movement toward a greater level of learning maturity? This webinar highlights prime examples of how organizations can transition from one maturity stage to the next, as well as what every company can do to move to a more mature model. Join a panel of experts from across the globe to explore changes in people, processes, technology, and use of analytics to make a bigger impact in your organization.

Speakers: Steve Lowenthal & Cammy Bean

4. How To Leverage Hybrid Learning As A Catalyst For Employee Development [CoreAxis]

Despite the fact that many companies are returning to in-person office settings, the digital economy is only continuing to grow. This proves the hybrid learning and blended models are not just a passing fad. This webinar can help you ensure scalability and accessibility so that your remote teams can continue to share information and industry know-how. You'll discover why eLearning is essential for your current and future needs, as well as the advantages of investing in eLearning and the repercussions of not including it in your training strategy.

Speakers: Mark Zides & Pinar O'Flaherty

5. How L&D Leaders Are Using Mobile Learning To Increase Performance And Revenue [Inno-Versity]

This webinar takes an innovative approach to mobile learning by telling the story of Kathryn and her learning team as they work to solve sales challenges, which leads to the development of a robust and elegant mobile learning solution. It highlights the benefits and limitations of a mobile solution, how to determine when mobile is the best option, and tips to design learning experiences that go beyond traditional boundaries.

Speakers: Dr. Jerry Zandstra & Miriam Taylor

6. How Can eLearning Platforms Build An Exceptional Subscription Experience? [Chargebee]

Though eLearning has seen a surge in recent years, this explosive growth can't all be attributed to the pandemic. Successful organizations understand how to leverage technology to scale and experiment with monetization, pricing, and cataloging. Join this session to learn insider secrets to invest in an ideal tech stack and how your organization can experiment to go to market faster. You'll also learn how to fuel lifelong learning and deploy a personalized, up-to-date curriculum on-demand.

Speakers: Prasanth Chandran & Aasis Yadav


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