Learning Industry Trends From The Brexit And Trump’s One China Views

Learning Industry Trends From The Brexit And Trump’s One China Views
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Summary: My article is reflects my views about the trends learnt for the Learning industry from the Brexit and Trump's One China move.

Presenting The Learning Industry Trends From The Brexit And Trump’s One China Views

Here are the 4 parts in which we have broken these learning trends from the Brexit and Trump’s One China views:

  1. Past (which reflect the actions happened in the history).
  2. Present (which reflect the current action scenario).
  3. Future (which reflect the future prospects).
  4. Relationships.

Let us have an analytical look.


In the recent history of the world we saw the British as a single power that ruled almost the whole world. There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire. Such was the domination of the race on earth. As time grew and nations grew the British shared power with other similar cultures and nations. However, as time passed by, a few nations dominated the world politically, financially, culturally, and intellectually. As time stands today, more and more countries are joining the group of super powers. This clearly shows that power will need to be shared. This trend will show slowly in our companies and education institutes.


For Management

  1. As conflicts of interest arise and priorities change. Environment will get much more aggressive. Restraint will be dominated by self interest and security. Personal security of all kinds needs to be addressed by learning professionals to survive till times get better.
  2. Super powers sphere of influence is decreasing and there will be a struggle to take the world together on a single or few chosen paths. Even around us power sharing in our departments and management will need to be worked with.
  3. Individual and national priorities are taking center stage. The balance between the audiences internally and externally will be a continuous challenge. Wars will need more patience and experience. It will not be just the learners who will be our customers but many business and company compulsions,
  4. Universal rules are fast changing and this trend will get more and more dominant. We should be prepared for management in chaos in our companies and colleges.
  5. Conflicts and self interests are becoming increasingly important. The only seems to be disruptive. This will need learning professionals to be clear of the priorities they have and will either stand for or fight.

For Learning Teams

  1. Proactive thinking and options execution have to be thought through. This will need learning departments to be constantly looking of problems in the entire ecosystem and developing plans to address them.
  2. Needs analysis that meets business and financial needs are to be considered. The need analysis exercises will need to be more thorough and evolving.
  3. Systems from developing skills quickly to financial ramifications will be talk of the town. Political rightness will need to be merged with balance on monetary aspects.
  4. Flexibility to changing priorities will need to be developed. This will be done by horning and refining the gut feel.
  5. Holistic strategies to align with individual interests without losing the bigger picture. Smaller priorities will go through in the long run only when the fundamentals are strong. Else wars of all kinds and related victories will be short lived.
  6. Strategies and plans to handle conflict at all levels will need to be developed
  7. Patience coupled with strategizing will need a holistic approach


  1. Practical strategies to address the above situations will need to be designed and implemented to prepare for the hostile ecosystem.
  2. Priorities of all powers in the ecosystem will need to be known clearly.
  3. Similarly the priorities may not be just skill, know ledge or attitude but also political, cultural, social, and financial.
  4. Learning endeavors will need to be executed quickly using technology more and more. We need to be prepared for larger roles and changing tactics.


A values based approach with ability to survive in dire states will help the learning industry professionals tide over bad times. Times could be chaotic and learning professional will need to back and stand by the value system to a large extent for survival in bad times. A strong network of trusted partners and colleagues will be needed to be nurtured and oiled for effective evolution.

Final Word

Holistic leaders and strategies that can handle hostile environments with patience and a value based approach will benefit in the long run.