How A Learning Management System Benefits Your Organization

How A Learning Management System Benefits Your Organization
Summary: Here is an exploration of the role of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and how a Learning Management System benefits any organization.

6 Things A Learning Management System Can Do For Your Organization And 6 Learning Management System Benefits 

In a world increasingly driven by compliance, regulation, and record keeping, it is no surprise that more and more companies are turning towards Learning Management Systems and eLearning as a solution to save money and ensure accurate records are kept. There are, however, many more ways in which a Learning Management System benefits an organization than simply ensuring that your company is compliant with regulations such as health and safety.

A Learning Management System with eLearning materials can save money (or allow the training budget to go much further), improve organizational performance, and increase employee satisfaction. This will obviously feed through into additional performance improvement, thereby creating that Virtuous Circle so coveted by so many organizations... The learning organization.

Here are 6 things a Learning Management System can do, and 6 significant Learning Management System benefits to consider.

6 Things A Learning Management System Does For You

1. Recording Training. 

As compliance requirements for areas such Health and Safety increase, and organizations focus more on employee development, it is a Learning Management System that will record that your employee has taken the course and how well they performed. A Learning Management System can record both eLearning and traditional training.

2. Reminding That Training Is Required. 

A Learning Management System will tell you when the training was undertaken and when it needs to be repeated, helping to keep your employee learning and compliance up to date.

3. Audit Proofing. 

A Learning Management System can record and report in detail and real time who took the training courses and how well they learnt. This makes an audit of your organization for ISO or other requirements a simpler, easier, and less stressful exercise.

4. On Demand Training. 

A Learning Management System with eLearning courses is available for your organization’s learners 24/7. No longer do hungry learners have to wait for the classroom course to come around.

5. Content Is Always Available. 

We all know we forget very quickly over 60% what we were taught in a classroom by the time we get back to work (especially if we do not put it into immediate use). A Learning Management System with eLearning courses makes it easy for learners to go back over their courses to continually reinforce their learning.

6. eLearning And Mobile Learning Are Changing The Way Learning Is Delivered. 

Training is increasingly being delivered as eLearning via computers, tablets, and smartphones. A device-responsive Learning Management System makes this possible by delivering eLearning, apps, videos, and other forms of eLearning to any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

6 Learning Management System Benefits 

1. Improving Employee Performance. 

With eLearning courses in a Learning Management System always available “on demand”, employees can overcome their immediate skills and training barriers very quickly. Studies have shown using a Learning Management System and eLearning can significantly improve employee performance with a “Just in Time” solution.

2. Faster Compliance Training. 

A well trained workforce is more productive and will deliver improved service to customers or colleagues. Induction of new hires can be made much easier, more effective, and faster using a Learning Management System and eLearning courses. Studies show a well-designed induction reduces staff turnover considerably by reducing time to competence and removing that frustration factor for new hires.

3. Saving Money. 

A Learning Management System combined with eLearning courses saves time away from work. It also saves money on travel and accommodation. eLearning courses are significantly cheaper to deliver than traditional face to face courses. Returns on Investment models have shown huge savings on training expenditure by using a Learning Management System and eLearning courses.

4. Multiple Site Consistency. 

A Learning Management System will ensure a company with many locations all receive the same level of training and the same consistent message. No branch, site, or store, however remote, is left out of training. No more excuses!

5. No Missed Training. 

Letting learners schedule their own training times has proved a huge incentive to learning and training uptake. A Learning Management System will allow the freedom for many learners to fit learning into busy schedules and flex learning by using short chunks of eLearning, while giving managers a real up to the minute overview of learning activities. No more excuses for not attending courses by busy people.

6. Aligning Training To An Organization’s Needs. 

The Learning Management System provides a powerful tool to ensure that new initiatives (product launches or new operating procedures) can be delivered effectively and consistently across the organization and the impact readily assessed. A Learning Management System makes learning dynamically aligned to the organization’s needs as training can be rolled out quickly and measured effectively.

Final Thoughts

This is why more and more organizations large and small across the globe are adopting Learning Management Systems. Not all Learning Management Systems are equal, so it is important to look to a vendor that really understands your needs and can provide a solution that is attractive and intuitive for the learner to use and robust and reliable for the organization’s needs.

Tugaru LMS is a complete learning management solution with the power, flexibility, and security to allow you to easily administer and deliver effective learning to your employees, partners, and customers. It is fully scalable to your requirements and has been developed on one of the world’s leading .NET platforms, Kentico CMS.