Terms & Conditions for the Provision of the Premium Ebook Service

The following terms and conditions govern the purchase of the Premium eBook service via the eLearningIndustry.com Platform (“Platform”) by clients of the Platform (hereinafter referred to as “Clients” or "Client").

Clients can expect:

  • eBook downloads (6-month period): 350–540

Clients are expected to deliver and commit to the following:

  • The client needs to fill in the SEO & Content Marketing Briefing form within 2 business days after the purchase. The client needs to share with eLearning Industry info about their company and its current state. This includes the company’s business focus, services-related info, product performance details, valuable keywords, buyer personas and a briefing about the company’s competition.
  • The client needs to discuss and finalize with eLearning Industry (eLI) the eBook’s topic.
  • The client must develop an eBook based on the Editorial Calendar provided by eLI’s content marketing team within 6-8 weeks.
  • The client must ensure that the eBook is:
    • Authored by the client or someone in client’s company (various authors may apply)
    • Suitable for the eLearning audience
    • Each eBook chapter should be at least 1000 words
    • In a PDF format
  • The client must fill in all required fields:
    • eBook’s title
    • eBook’s PDF
    • eBook cover image
    • Publisher’s name (name of the company)
    • Short description of the eBook
    • Key chapters’ title and description
    • Quote from the eBook’s content
  • The client must upload the eBook’s PDF file by going to the eBook’s editor and filling in all the required fields at least four (4) business days prior to the selected date in order to have it published on that date.
  • The client has the option to require users to fill out a form before they can download the eBook. The client can choose which of the following 6 questions to include in the form:First Name
    • Last Name
    • Business email
    • Job Title
    • Company Name
    • Company Country
  • The client has to download, sign, and share with eLearning Industry a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) which ensures that both parties (your company & eLearning Industry) are compliant with International Data Protection Regulations.
  • The client can access the data submitted through the eBook form for as long as the eBook campaign on eLearning Industry is active. The eBook’s campaign will start counting directly after the eBook’s landing page has been published on eLearning Industry, the duration of which is 6 months. After the 6-month period has come to an end, the client’s subscription will be renewed automatically for 6 more months at the cost of $1,200, unless the client has already canceled their subscription.