Make Your Compliance Training Program Engaging And Exciting With A Learning Platform

Make Your Compliance Training Program Engaging And Exciting With A Learning Platform
Summary: Compliance training programs are generally dull, long, and sometimes irrelevant to one's job responsibilities. This article will show how a dynamic learning platform can make compliance training people-centric, respecting the employee's time and making it more enjoyable.

How To Create Enjoyable Compliance Training

A conversation between two colleagues:

Jenny: You completed the online compliance module so soon.
Jeff: Just skimmed through the content. It is too long and boring. I have to complete my tasks. We will get manuals and PDFs after the training. I will read them later.

This kind of compliance training at the workplace has certainly not met its goal.


Compliance training educates the employees on company policies, laws, and regulations that apply both to the industry and their day-to-day job responsibilities. But what constitutes compliance training?

The spectrum of compliance training includes:

  • Code of conduct
  • Ethics
  • Sexual harassment and workplace bullying
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Privacy, cybersecurity, and data protection
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Government rules
  • Corruption and money laundering

Failing to stay compliant may result in:

  • Loss of reputation
  • Fines and penalties amounting to millions of dollars
  • Negative perception of the brand
  • Injury and even loss of life
  • Fraud cases

Some of the main challenges that an organization faces while implementing compliance eLearning solutions are:

  • Limited training duration
  • Insufficient resources
  • Difficulty in covering all topics
  • Learner fatigue
  • Updating the content with changes in regulation
  • Training not considered as relevant or useful

Compliance training is not just a formality at the workplace. It needs to be more of a mindset. This can be achieved by enhancing the learnability quotient of the compliance courses. Learnability is about making the training program interesting, engaging, memorable, and inspiring. Here are a few ways that can metamorphose the boring compliance course into a matchless learning experience with an online learning platform.

Bite-Sized Learning Modules

A long set of rules and regulations can be presented in shorter modules that are standalone content focused on specific learning outcomes. Bob Pike's 90-20-8 rule is helpful in this context. A long course of, say, 60+ mins can be broken into 20-minute modules on an efficient learning platform. The interactivity can be punctuated every 4–6 minutes. This makes compliance content easily assimilable. The templates of the learning platform, such as videos, images, Virtual Reality, gamified elements, and so on, help create effective learning nuggets.


Scenarios based on situations or conversations can make compliance learning more immersive. In branching scenarios, the storyline takes the direction based on the learner's responses. It is an effective way to instill a deep understanding of the code of conduct, be it cybersecurity, ethics, anti-corruption, workplace inclusion, etc. Scenarios can be built through games, Virtual Reality, or visually rich templates in a competent learning platform. Scenarios make the course experiential. Whether it is the General Data Protection Regulation, code of conduct, DEI, etc., scenarios can be given to elicit the learner's response before the knowledge is explained.

Play By The Rules

As per TalentLMS 2019 [1], the compliance program is one of the corporate training programs where employees prefer gamification. The fun element induces a change in their mindset and behavior towards compliance learning. The feel-good hormones boost better reinforcement and retention of knowledge.

A powerful learning platform can incorporate both gamification and game-based eLearning to increase the effectiveness of the training. Game-based eLearning is a full-fledged game to achieve a certain set of learning objectives. In gamification, one uses gamified elements such as scores, badges, and leaderboards to keep the learner engaged.


Non-compliance in the real world can have dangerous implications. But, in Virtual Reality, similar situations can be created to teach compliance. Here, the learning of the consequences of non-compliance is real, though the real loss is nil. A dynamic learning platform provides immersive Virtual Reality training to the employees.

I Do And I Understand

Passive listening can turn into deep engagement by giving the learner some control. Interactivity in a Learning Management System through gamified learning, Virtual Reality, scenarios, or other templates can improve the learning outcomes. Employees learn not just what to do but also how to report a breach of rules or ethics.

Memory Boosters And Remediation

Compliance programs reinforce learning and facilitate long-term retention through memory boosters and remediation features built into the learning platform. Rules and regulations keep changing. A learning path keeps the employees updated with the latest version of compliance.


A tedious compliance program will turn over a new leaf with a dynamic and effective learning platform. It will become more engaging and motivating. The learning platform will allow you to author compliance courses without coding. It will seek feedback to ensure that the training program is on the right track to meet its goals.

Make your compliance training program engaging and interesting with the learning platform KREDO. It is a confluence of technology and communication, creativity and simplicity, purpose and fun, individual empowerment, and corporate excellence.

If creating a culture of learning in your organization is your priority, contact me or leave a comment below.


[1] The 2019 Gamification at Work Survey

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