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Q: What are my geek posts really about? A: The challenge to technology enhanced learning in a world of unbounded upheaval and ominous dehumanization is thought to lie in the way the real needs of humans are fused to the capabilities of technologies.
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December 27, 2015

Artificial Intelligence In Sparky Prose

This impassioned fourth geek article, which is actually rather nerdy, meanders (a)musingly around a (human) writer’s actual paragraph attempts at writing something sagacious on artificial Intelligence (AI), and an alien (non-human-created) AI, who is drawn in by the writer’s maelstrom of contradictory thoughts. The alien AI finds the human writer entertaining and even murmurs something to itself as it flits away.
November 2, 2015

Virtual Reality: The Fad Will Fade

In this second geek article I argue that virtual reality may end up being a flop. The reason is not because the industry may not get enough traction, or not because all that electronic stuff is simply too close to the brain; for me, it’s the brazen attempt to hijack the brain itself.
October 29, 2015

The Learning Management System: Dodo Or Phoenix?

This article poses succinctly whether built-for-purpose educational apps targeted at the growing smartphone user educational market could start to threaten the future viability of Learning Management Systems; it is suggested a new type of intelligent Learning Management System (LMS) needs to be created.