Microlearning Trends To Watch Out For And Adopt For Your Online Training

Microlearning Trends To Watch Out For
Summary: Although microlearning has been around for a while, it has been one of the emerging trends in L&D. That's because of the continuous increase in mobile device usage and learners' desire for mobile learning.

A Quick Look Into Microlearning And Its Benefits

Each year microlearning comes with exciting new trends that organizations can leverage to create a better learning experience for their employees. So, how often do you adjust your training to meet new microlearning trends in order to deliver useful training? In this article, we'll be looking at the latest microlearning trends in L&D, and how you can leverage them to achieve better training ROI.

Microlearning is a holistic approach to eLearning that deals with using small learning units to deliver training. It involves designing bite-sized learning nuggets to help learners acquire and retain knowledge, with each nugget meeting a specific learning outcome. Microlearning is a useful learning approach in eLearning, that's because of its several benefits to learners and instructors. Here are some of the benefits attached to using it.

  • It helps instructors deliver a sticky learning experience that learners crave.
  • It helps instructors achieve a high completion rate.
  • It's short and focuses on a specific learning outcome.
  • It can be used for delivering on-the-go training.
  • It supports multiple devices and browsers.
  • It's cost-effective and saves time for development.
  • It utilizes high-impact training formats, like eLearning videos, to deliver engaging courses

6 Microlearning Trends To Watch Out For And Adopt

1. Gamification And Microlearning

In a corporate organization, almost all employees prefer training that is engaging and fun. And no doubt, gamification can help drive employee engagement. So, how can we combine microlearning with gamification to deliver engaging training? Integrating gamification into your microlearning training will enable your learners to acquire knowledge through playing short games on their mobile devices. This can also help them retain the knowledge acquired during the training. One way of using gamification with microlearning is by leveraging gamified nuggets in microlearning formats. Also, you can design gamified assessments and offer them as performance support tools.

2. Focusing Your Microlearning On Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Analytics

Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence is the simulation in which machines work and think like humans. So, by capitalizing on AI and analytics, you can offer your learners personalized learning paths and support. Sometimes, when there are many microlearning assets, it can be hard for learners to choose the right one for their needs. However, Artificial Intelligence can help pick articles from a curated pool of content for learners. This will ensure that learners come for more, even after the completion of a particular learning course.

On the other hand, learning analytics can help you determine if your learners need additional resource support. Are you interested in knowing how many of your microlearning assets were used? Or are you interested in knowing if your microlearning assets were able to help your learners convert their knowledge into performance? Learning analytics is here to ensure you get answers that matter. A few organizations are already using this emerging trend to assess the impact of their training on learners.

3. Used For A Wider Spectrum Of Corporate Training

Microlearning can be used for a spectrum of an organization's corporate training. It can help create change management training, Just-In-Time training, informal and formal training, awareness programs, and Instructor-Led Training support aids.

4. Increased Focus On Mobile Learning

According to research, the global workforce is increasingly becoming mobile, and over 42.5% of them will become mobile employees by 2022. What that means is that there should be a shift toward mobile learning for employee engagement. The emerging trend of microlearning is now focusing more on mobile learning. Mobile learning is the right tool to provide learners with engaging and on-the-go learning experiences. This will enable learners to learn at their convenience.

5. Utilized In Content Curation

Microlearning will positively impact a large area of content curation and will be utilized to deliver continuous learning. This means organizations can improve their learning culture, and deliver a better learning experience.

6. Promoting Collaborative And Social Learning

Microlearning strategy will also promote more social learning and collaborative learning. This means that employees will be in charge of their learning and will be able to interact more with each other in order to acquire knowledge.

Hopefully, these emerging microlearning trends can help you adjust your training to deliver a better learning experience for your learners.

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