How mLearning Benefits Online Education

How mLearning Benefits Online Education
Summary: In this article I will share some of the most significant mobile learning or mLearning benefits that make this trend become the norm in online learning.

An Easy-Peasy Way Of Tramping Across Multiple Contexts And Other mLearning Benefits 

mLearning or mobile learning, as the name suggests, includes learning through laptops, smartphones, notebooks, tablets, PDAs, and any other device that is wireless and can be connected to the internet. Though mLearning has a wider definition and it includes numerous devices under its umbrella, smartphones are truly the flagship gadgets. One of the most significant mLearning benefits is that lot of the learning takes place while commuting. And for this, smartphones are the easiest and the most prompt to access.

Overhauling The Learning Routine

This latest advancement in informal learning is flourishing by leaps and bounds. It’s the most convenient, affordable, and spontaneous form of learning. mLearning is embedding the habit of learning among people in an effortless manner. Most of us don’t even notice how our learning routine is getting swayed by the mobile apps, games, social networking portals, easy downloading of study material, podcasts, videos, etc.

The world mobile data usage has grown by 74% in 2015 (3.7 exabytes per month) as compared to 2014 (2.1 exabytes per month) and is expected to grow to 30.6 exabytes per month by 2020. Mobile phones are continually becoming the first preference of the masses.

The Frivolous Time Is Being Put to Use

The easy and flexible access to all sort of information has made me a partisan of this technology. With my busy schedule, which includes 1-2 hours of commuting to and from my workplace, I couldn’t imagine enhancing my knowledge, while on-the-go, had there been no PDF reader, Merriam-Webster, Evernote, Duolingo, and many other apps in my phone.

I can read my favorite books without having to wait for the weekend. I can read the newspaper while on the metro or bus. I can learn Spanish by spending 10-15 minutes daily on Duolingo. I can edit my articles with Grammarly, anytime. The time that would otherwise have been spent with Clash of Clans and Candy Crush is being utilized so well, all thanks to mLearning.

One leading advantage of mLearning is that you do not require making even the slightest of change in your routine life. In fact, it makes you utilize the time that would have been wasted otherwise while traveling, standing in a queue, waiting for a meeting, etc.

The escalation of this form of learning can be attributed to the edge that it provides over traditional and computer-based learning. It has, mainly, evolved as a boon for working professionals, and remotely located individuals in underdeveloped or developing countries. Learning according to one’s own pace and time is one of mLearning benefits. Some others are nominal costs and fun and interactive teaching methods. A large number of mobile apps are being developed each day. These apps lead to a hassle free delivery of education in the most enticing manner.

Banishing Boundaries

Another reason why mLearning has a whip hand is that it is banishing the barriers set by national boundaries as well. Though internet has been doing this for a while, mLearning has invigorated the process to a great extent.

mLearning can also be credited for contributing in the direction of extirpating illiteracy and unemployment. Easy and low-priced availability of smartphones has made education possible for even those who could not pursue it owing to lack of finances. Besides, there are a lot of talented individuals located in the rural and underdeveloped areas where there are no colleges and schools. For such individuals, moving and staying in a city is far from possible, owing to the shooting cost of living in most cities. mLearning has made it possible for such talents to learn readily from even a mentor located in a distant country at nominal costs.

Bite-Sized Learning: A Well-Oiled Machine

The concept of bite-sized learning is also one of the most crucial mLearning benefits. Bite-sized learning has taken mLearning to another level. Short, succinct, and relevant mLearning lessons are gradually replacing lengthy and general traditional chapters. If, being an English student, you wish to understand the usage and applicability of particular adverbs, you won’t be required to go through the entire chapter. The easiest way to access such learning is certainly mobiles.

Apart from remotely located underprivileged students, housewives, and working professionals, corporates are also making an effective use of mobile learning. Businesses are using this trend to train their valuable employees to stay conversant with the newest technologies. They do not require designing time-consuming training programs. Rather, they can prepare small bite-sized videos that the employees can access while on-the-go.

Final Thoughts

As technology is inseparable from dynamism, mLearning is likely to flourish inevitably. It’s already become the most preferred way of learning among adults. In the coming future it is likely to radicalize the education system in schools and universities. The inundation of mobile apps has made the entire process extremely interactive.