Mobile Learning: Advantages And Disadvantages

Mobile Learning: Advantages And Disadvantages
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Summary: Mobile learning is getting prevalent in today’s world. It is the result of the ever-changing era of the digital world. But, everything has two sides. There are some pros and cons of mobile learning.

What Is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning is very prevalent in the current scenario. Mobile learning is also known as mLearning and is a new way to get access to a variety of content available online through the use of a mobile. Mobile learning is the easiest way for students to get help.

Many schools and colleges are supporting the concept of eLearning and mobile learning. They distribute mobile phones and laptops to students and encourage them to use them for educational purposes. Although mobile learning may be fun for the children if it’s used in the right way, it can be very beneficial for the students and adults.

There are many educational apps available online, and they are also gaining huge popularity among the school and college students. It is even useful for teachers/professors/instructors, they can learn a topic or provide notes, examples, and also refer these apps to the students when or if needed.

The best part of mobile learning is that many sources are present online. So, if you don’t get it from one place, you can search for it from some other site. Even while using the app; if you do not understand you can easily send your feedback and discuss your query or suggestion with the app developer or app developing company.

Now that you have understood what mobile learning is, let’s discuss the pros and cons of mobile learning!

Advantages Of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is very popular and in the past few years, its use has increased extensively. Mentioned below are 5 advantages of mobile learning and why it should be used:

  1. Access anywhere and anytime
    Since mobile learning is all about studying through mobile using the internet, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and anytime.
  2. Covers a huge distance
    The main benefit of mobile learning is that it covers a huge distance, so even if you are in Canberra, Australia or in California, United States of America, you can access the same content or tests at the same or different times. Distance is not an issue in mobile learning.
  3. Variety of content
    A lot of content is present online. Due to its huge variety, it becomes very easy for people to access it; and also, a huge amount of people from different corners of the world can access it for different topics or related to different subjects.
  4. Encourages students
    There are many educational apps that use online quizzes to keep track of your progress (daily, weekly or monthly, depending on firm to firm). The study is presented in such a way that it attracts the students; hence, there are game quizzes that encourage students to perform better from their previous score.
  5. Tests your knowledge
    As discussed in the above point, online quizzes are made and solving these quizzes, puzzles or riddles helps you expand your knowledge. Apart from just study material, there are different types of other quizzes, puzzles, multiple-choice questions, etc. that are available on the internet; playing these games you can test your knowledge and even increase your IQ level.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning

As good and alluring as the advantages sound, there are also disadvantages of mobile learning. Every coin has two sides, so, here are 5 disadvantages of mobile learning, listed below:

  1. Software issues
    Software is an application that runs on a device according to the instructions embedded in the software at the time of coding. Even though it seems like the life of software is smooth, there are other external factors that hinder its smooth life span. These external factors are changing trends in the field of IT. Software compatibility issues, not upgrading to a new version, regular system crashes, etc. are some of the issues that hinder the working of the software, thereby interrupting your smooth mobile learning experience.
  2. Hardware issues
    Unlike the software, hardware uses physical devices. The physical devices used can wear out after a period of time. They can wear out due to overuse, dust, using the device roughly, etc. These are some factors that interrupt the smooth working of the mobile or other devices.
  3. Distraction
    Using mobile learning, also, creates a lot of distraction. Many students open the mobile to learn something and end up using social media websites, chatting, sharing pictures or playing video games. These types of distractions waste one’s time, which could have been used to perform a meaningful task.
  4. Misuse
    Many students also misuse the device for different purposes. Some misuse it just for fun, and some have secret, evil intentions which are definitely not good and need to be prevented.
  5. Lack of internet connection or electricity
    This can be a problem in rural areas and in areas where the usage of the internet and electricity is not yet prevalent. When you have a device, but you do not have the electricity or the internet required for you to run the device and avail the facility of mobile learning, then what’s the fun? In order to enjoy your experience of mobile learning, make sure you have met all the requirements needed to have the best experience for mobile learning.