Mobile Learning And Education In The Digital Age

Mobile Learning And Education In The Digital Age
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Summary: The article highlights the significance of mobile learning in the age of the internet. It also explains how innovative technologies has made it super easy for students and employees to learn on the go.

A New Era Has Begun: Mobile Learning And Education

Technology is turning the old learning techniques on their heads at a dramatic pace, uncovering new dimensions of learning and personal growth. As technology is becoming mainstream, the learning efficacy will increase, and the training cost reduces. Mobile phones have completely dominated our lives from communication and entertainment to socializing and learning.

Mobile learning comes up with a sound approach to address a number of long-standing educational issues. The emerging technologies and tools have paved the way for learning that can harness the power, speed, and ubiquity of digital capability. Learning through digital means adds up to a personalized, transformed, and accelerated learning experience that gives learner power to be in the driver’s seat.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allow teachers, students, and parents to access digital content in a very personalized manner. Connected mobile devices in the hands of students can improve the educational outcome in a dramatic way.

The mobile app market contains a considerable number of educational apps which is, of course, increasing. The young generation is truly interested in learning through interactive mobile apps. In the era of mobile apps, sitting in exams via an educational app is fun, and everyone can participate without any limitations or restrictions.

Whether it is videos, presentations, Virtual Reality or gamified learning apps, new techniques have come to life as a result of highly sophisticated software applications that can totally reshape the way people learn. Besides, social networks that connect billions of people all around the globe have all the ingredients of creating a very healthy environment for the global network of learners.

Driving Performance Through Mobile Devices

The incredible growth of the mobile internet driving the corporate sector to use mLearning as an innovative solution to meet their training needs. But how can mobile devices improve the performance of employees?

Short online training courses consisting of short videos can be provided through mobile devices. These short lessons can be designed in a way that facilitates just-in-time learning support. Moreover, microlearning materials can be delivered in different formats; for example, games and videos.

Social Learning

Group can be mighty effective as people learn easily when they are provided with a learning-driven environment. Mobile devices have the power to create an effective collaboration between a group of people. Learners can learn through discussion forums, blogs, social sites where ideas and information can be shared with great ease. eBooks also provide a great opportunity to learn social norms and values.

Contextual Learning

Today’s mobile technology comes with a number of features that can be utilized to improve the corporate performance through contextual learning. Some companies are already using the mobile systems to read Quick Response (QR) codes to improve internal communication. Learning through interactive games is increasingly gaining acceptance as an effective training tool within the education and training community because of its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and mainly because most people prefer playing over learning.

Smooth Mobile Learning Process

Responsive design should be the choice when crafting eLearning solutions that need to be displayed on mobile devices. It provides learners with a smooth learning experience. The inability of a design to adjust based on screen resolutions can frustrate users and make them exit the course. This is why most of the eLearning apps are built with using responsive designs so that users get friction-less learning experience no matter the nature of their devices.

Better Knowledge

New technology has enhanced our learning capacity through smart mobile phones. Now, users can access a huge amount of data they need anywhere without constraints. Liberty of time and space can really heighten people’s interest in the topic, resulting in better retention. Contrary to this, better knowledge retention is imperative to improve employee performance in corporate environment. mLearning can also be used as a just-in-time support for a bigger eLearning course. By quickly helping users to recollect their past training, mLearning can increase the overall effectiveness of your learning strategy.

As a community, we need to educate the next generation and produce excellent inventors, scientist, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Mobile learning allows us to extend the scope of education beyond the physical confines of a classroom. We can access quality content from home or office, communicate with a large community of learners and teachers, and work online. The value of mobile learning is that it allows employees, students, and common people to communicate, collaborate and develop new ideas using sound digital resources.