Mobile Learning Must-Haves: Engage Learners Wherever They Are

Mobile Learning Must-Haves: Engage Learners Wherever They Are
Summary: To succeed in our ever-changing working world, organizations must deliver modern learning programs that cover a wide swath of territory— including mobile learning. Traditional learning programs are built for desktop workers. As a result, they don’t meet the needs of today’s workers, whose phone is typically their primary digital device.

What Are The Key Ingredients Of Engaging Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning is critical to meet today’s employees where they are—which is on their phones. And it’s not just millennials and Gen Z workers. Most people use their mobile phones more than they use other devices. LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report found that employees of all ages are more mobile-device-oriented than ever. Yet, PwC found that only 60% of employees [1] say they’re satisfied with the mobile learning options available at work.

Two of the primary benefits of mobile learning are accessibility and engagement. Accessibility is critical for learning programs because today’s employees work in different places at different times. They could be on the frontline interacting with customers, behind the scenes analyzing reports, or off-site on a new project. Mobile learning removes the friction points in the learning process by allowing workers to learn in their own way and when it’s most convenient for them, such as during downtime or while commuting. This gives them the power to learn at their own pace and improves their learning experience.

Engagement is vital because engaged employees are more likely to perform better than those who are unengaged with their work. The key to engagement is to personalize learning experiences. This is the opposite of the traditional one-size-fits-all learning model.

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Must-Have LMS Features For Mobile Learning

Jumping on the fast-moving mobile learning train requires developing a learning strategy that takes mobile elements into consideration. The secret to mobile learning success is having an intuitive, feature-rich app. To ensure your workers have the access to your learning program when and where they need it, your mobile learning app should include the following:

Seamless Learning Experience, On- Or Offline

Whether they’re on a mobile device or a desktop, your employees must have the same branded user experience with no gaps in access or performance. For example, they need to be able to pause a training session while on one device and pick up where they left off on another. Or they need to be able to download content for offline viewing when there is no internet connection or to avoid mobile data charges.

Support Group Participation

You need the ability to create groups or cohorts of learners across teams or regions, and encourage your employees to stay connected with each other.

Intuitive User Interface

To avoid frustrating workers, mobile learning apps need to be easy to use. For example, a learner should be able to search for courses in a few clicks. And learners should receive push notifications about course assignments, due dates, and more, so they can stay in the loop no matter where they are.


And don’t forget about your managers. It’s just as important to make sure they have administrative capabilities on mobile devices, such as dashboard access, compliance tracking, performance reviews, and more. This gives them the ability to track worker progress, event attendance, and course completions, and to share critical communications even when they are on the go. As a result, you’ll reduce lags in your learning program momentum.

Today’s workforce needs convenient, mobile learning opportunities that they can access at a time and place that works for them and on the device of their choosing. Schoox’s native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices give workers that ability. As a result, they can easily access and share content, communicate with their peers, send and receive push notifications about course assignments, and much more. Schoox has your back in today’s mobile learning world.

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[1] Our status with tech at work: It’s complicated

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