Mobile Learning: A Recipe for Productivity

Want to be a high-performing company? Try mobile learning!

Using a mobile delivery app, such as CourseMill® Mobile, allows you to deliver training to your employees on their smartphones or tablets. This means they can access training videos and handouts whether they are on the go, working from home, visiting your partner office in London, scoping out a new site location in the Pacific, stuck on the longest airport layover ever in Omaha, Nebraska, schmoozing a potential client on the course at Augusta National Golf Club… you get the idea.

What else is so great about mobile learning? Here are a few things you can do with training on a mobile device:

  1. Push Notifications
    Need to tell your team about an important policy update? Push notifications are perfect for this. The ability to push specific information to certain groups of learners is found to be highly effective by 69% of organizations.
  2. Video
    Video isn’t a new idea, but learners are increasingly more accustomed to watching video on their mobile devices. Training videos can easily be consumed on the bus home or during downtime at work—just keep them short so you don’t use up your employees’ data plans! 64% of organizations find video highly effective.
  3. Performance Support & Blended Learning
    Mobile learning incorporates well into a blended learning strategy. You can deliver quick reinforcements of classroom training to on-the-go employees. This is especially helpful for team members who work out in the field and might not have access to manuals or handbooks all the time. Check out this article for more information about mobile learning and performance support: Better Together: Mobile Learning and Performance Support.

PS--Don’t despair if you don’t see results right away. Data shows that the companies who have been delivering mobile learning the longest report higher effectiveness rates.

A good mobile solution will provide you with ways to deliver, track and manage all that content you’re pushing out to on-the-go learners. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of CourseMill Mobile today. Your learners can even work on courses when their devices aren’t connected to the internet. Everything syncs back up to your LMS when the devices reconnect. Happy m-Learning!