3 Modern eLearning Examples To Be Inspired By
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Modern eLearning Examples To Get Ideas From

As humans, we rely heavily on our emotions and often make decisions based on our feelings rather than on logic. This makes emotional engagement and connection a very powerful learning tool.

1. The Human Touch

1. The Human Touch

This eLearning example from the Open University, developed in collaboration with Elucidat and Tilt, is a brilliant example of immersive storytelling that facilitates a connection between the learner and the content.

4 different characters are featured, each with their own story and history. The learner is asked to choose one of these characters at the start, whose journey they will then follow. Along the way, content branching enables the learner to make decisions for the character.

As the scenario progresses, the learner witnesses exactly how each of their decisions impacts either positively or negatively on the character’s mental health. Rather than being told what to do, the learner is taught through the consequence of their own decisions and by reflecting on their actions.

A great thing about this example is that the video style used is gritty and realistic; it’s the opposite of being too flashy or polished. As the learner is provided with a context that they are likely familiar with, they can easily imagine themselves in the simulation alongside the character, such as the local pub simulation.

2. Cost-Effective Content

2. Cost-Effective Content

A common misconception is that using simulations and content with branching or personalization will break the bank. These formats are extremely effective ways for your learner to put theory into practice and learn through their own doing, so don’t be put off if you’re struggling with a restricted budget.

This audio-centered scenario is a good example of how to develop interactive eLearning with limited resources. Video content, like in the previous example, can sometimes be costly to produce. Audio is much cheaper and doesn’t require investment into expensive equipment.

In this case, the goal of the eLearning is to improve a sales team’s qualification skills, so the eLearning simulates their qualification phone calls to provide an opportunity to practice and receive feedback. Like the previous example, the human touch is introduced by the involvement of 3 different profiles who are the ‘receivers’ of the phone calls.

The learner is supported by feedback as the simulation progresses. They also accumulate scores to measure their progress and a final summary, which compares their answers to those of peers and experts.

3. Signposting

3. Signposting

Within every organization, there is likely knowledge and tools that would help all employees. The issue often lies in how to communicate this information on a large scale, at the point of need.

This final example, from Elucidat, is an eLearning project toolkit, which functions as a central hub of information for digital learning producers. The toolkit uses branching to direct each user to the content they need at a particular moment in time.

It’s an example of curated eLearning, but instead of providing an overwhelming number of resources, the toolkit navigates the learner only to what will be most useful to them. In other words, it acts as a ‘signpost’, directing the user to the most relevant tips and tools.

As a result, the content is kept short and sweet, which makes it easily digestible for the learner and able to fit into their busy lifestyle.

Of course, there’s a wealth of information within the toolkit overall. A nice touch is the additional demos, guides, and resources that are available if needed, and the option for learners to explore the topic further if they wish.

Final Thoughts

With new ideas and industry buzzwords around every corner, part of the learning professional’s role is to balance innovation with tried and tested engagement techniques. These examples show how treatments such as storytelling and emotional engagement can be realized as modern, responsive solutions that work for today’s learners.

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