Modern Learners Want The Convenience And Flexibility Of Mobile Learning

Modern Learners Want The Convenience And Flexibility Of Mobile Learning
Summary: The modern learner is no longer chained to her office desk. She is on-the-go, working remotely, and using her own device to carry out day-to-day work. In this article, I’ll show you why and how Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is using mobile learning to meet their audience's needs and wants.

The Need For Mobile Learning 

Significant growth in smartphone ownership has ushered in a new way of consuming training material. 91% of the US population now owns a smartphone device with 3G/4G connectivity; the mobile revolution is changing the way your audience learns. Instead of blocking off a day to partake in compliance training, modern learners now complete it in small, bite-sized chunks.

Your learners’ behaviors are changing, but are you changing the way you deliver eLearning?

If you are stuck delivering desktop-only eLearning, you are ignoring the needs and wants of modern learners. In this article, I’ll show you how Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has used Elucidat to build interactive mobile learning that learners actually want to consume.

Why Mobile Learning? 

Mobile learning is often undertaken by people away from the office. They might be travelling to-or-from work, waiting for an airplane, or sitting on the couch at home.

With less time to put aside for training, modern learners want mobile learning to be bite-sized. Trainings need to be smaller and focused on specific learning topics. Bite-sized learning is easier to digest when a learner only has an occasional 15 minutes to focus on training.

This training style gives learners flexibility in what they learn and when they learn it. For example, they don’t have to spend an hour going through a detailed course; instead, they can opt for a five-minute video focusing on the specific area they seek to master.

Modern learners also want to use their own familiar devices. Instead of wasting hours trying to learn a new operating system, learners prefer to consume mobile learning via their personal smartphones or tablets. In response, you need to deliver eLearning via mobile-friendly browsers and applications that can be accessed across mobile operating systems.

Introducing The Eye Education App 


A great example of mobile learning in action is the award-winning piece of eLearning created by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) and Elucidat. The Eye Education App takes its inspiration from its audience’s busy schedule. Eye practitioners do not have time to complete cumbersome trainings due to patient schedules. They also lack access to desktop computers in their workplaces.

JJVC used Elucidat to create interactive, bite-sized training modules that made it easy for eye practitioners to complete learning modules during breaks between patients. Elucidat’s responsive slider helped JJVC design mobile-friendly learning that worked across all smartphone and tablet devices.


The Eye Education App has been a big hit. JJVC is now delivering twice as much training to its eye practitioners and has increased course completion by 740%.

Why JJVC chose Elucidat:

  • Multi-device compatible.
    Elucidat’s responsive slider made it easy for JJVC to create mobile learning that eye practitioners could access on their mobile devices.
  • Hosted in the cloud.
    Elucidat’s cloud hosting made it possible for JJVC to instantly make and publish changes, allowing them to stay in step with any new regulatory requirements.
  • API.
    Elucidat’s API made it possible for JJVC to embed content into a smartphone/tablet app, thus taking advantage of native app functionalities like push notifications.

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What Makes Elucidat An Award-Winning Authoring Tool?

elucidat award winning

Elucidat’s award-winning authoring tool (Gold Brandon Hall Award and 2015 UK eLearning Award) helps large companies, training providers and publishers streamline eLearning design, production and deployment, enabling them to deliver multi-device eLearning 50% faster.

In addition, Elucidat’s simple point and edit functionality empowers all team members (even non-technical ones) to create beautiful eLearning that stands out from the crowd.

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