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June 3, 2016

Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools: 5 Pros And 3 Cons To Consider

You need to develop your eLearning course in a fraction of the time and on a tight budget, but are rapid eLearning authoring tools really your best bet? Will rapid eLearning course design come at the cost of quality? In this article, I’ll shed light on 5 pros and 3 cons of using rapid eLearning authoring tools for your next eLearning project.
by Christopher Pappas
March 16, 2016

eLearning Authoring Tool Costs: 7 Factors To Consider

eLearning authoring tools give eLearning professionals the opportunity to develop eLearning content in a fraction of the time. Even those with no prior graphic design experience can create interactive and immersive multimedia elements and visual learning materials for eLearning. But what is the real price for all of these perks? In this article, I'll explore 7 of the most important factors to consider when calculating eLearning authoring tool costs.
by Christopher Pappas