5 Customer Success Stories From Elucidat

5 Customer Success Stories From Elucidat
Summary: Why so many companies use Elucidat to create and distribute high quality eLearning? The answer lies within these 5 customer success stories.

Elucidat: Customer Success Stories 

Elucidat is a powerful, collaborative authoring tool that helps companies simplify and speed up the creation of high quality learning content. While Elucidat now serves over 1,750,000 learners, these 5 customer success stories shine a light on some key benefits of the product.

1. Tesco

Tesco’s Learning and Development department wanted to boost the organization’s focus on digital learning. To achieve this goal, they needed a platform that could help them develop quality eLearning content faster than their previous authoring solution. This is when Tesco switched to Elucidat.

Using Elucidat, Tesco can deliver learning at the point of need, offering far more flexibility than face-to-face training.

Elucidat has made it easy for trainers to create great looking eLearning with just two hours of training. Tesco’s experienced team members can also design advanced eLearning. They are using branching scenarios and menu screens to create non-linear learning.

Benefits Realized

  • Tesco rolled out Elucidat to 37 authors. Every user was very surprised at how easy it was to use. Even inexperienced staff could use the tool with just two hours of training.
  • Over a period of three months, Tesco saw a 50% increase in the number of users using Elucidat (unheard of with past authoring tools).

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2. National Trust

In 2015, National Trust's eLearning needs were changing; they needed an authoring tool that could help them meet these needs. Paul Bird, Learning Technologies Manager at National Trust, quickly recognized that their existing software couldn’t keep up – and without a change, neither could he.

Paul needed a solution that could help his team to update and improve learning continually, and encourage disinterested learners so he could improve his dwindling training completion rates.

Elucidat’s platform has empowered National Trust to implement a distributed authoring model, something that was impossible with previous tools. That’s led to a 50% increase in development capability, giving National Trust the ability to create and update more content at a lower cost.

Benefits Realized

  • 131% increase in staff completion rates.
  • 50% increase in user satisfaction.
  • 45% increase in training efficiency with $15,000 cost savings.
  • A learner shift from tolerance to enjoyment.

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3. Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse was a company in need of digital solutions that allowed it to distribute skills and knowledge to its newest team members. While historically this had been an uphill battle for the company, it switched to Elucidat and subsequently scaled its eLearning content efforts to fulfill the needs of 46,000 individuals.

Benefits Realized

  • Now delivering mobile-ready learnnig to 46,000 distributers.
  • 65% increase in learner confidence.

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4. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care’s team was in search of an authoring platform that would allow them to create eLearning content for various audiences without costing them a lot of time, effort, or implementation.

Elucidat’s flexible and build once, learn anywhere solution made it easy for JJVC to build beautiful, interactive eLearning that ECPs could consume on their mobile and tablet devices.

Benefits Realized

  • In only 12 months, JJVC doubled the amount of training it delivered to eye practitioners.
  • Eye practitioners are now completing seven times as many courses (740% increase).
  • Eye practioners love the app, 25% of the market downloading the content and 12% completing at least one hour of course content.

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5. Integrity, Inc.

Integrity, Inc. wanted to find an authoring platform that allowed it to decrease costs and improve the level of service it offered clients. Before Elucidat, the company’s training program was manual and difficult to maintain and upgrade. To simplify its training materials, Integrity, Inc. switched to Elucidat.

Shortly after the switch, the company was enjoying a significant decrease in the time and effort it took to create training content.

Benefits Realized

  • 95% improvement in training efficiency.
  • $60,000+ in savings.
  • Over 500 staff integrated in less than 30 days.
  • Clients report improved staff competence and care.

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Elucidat: Simplify And Speed Up The Creation Of High Quality Learning Content

With results like these, it’s easy to see why so many companies use Elucidat to create high quality eLearning. To learn more about Elucidat or to implement it for your company, contact us today!

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