Raptivity Customers Share Their Interactive Learning Success Stories

2 Interactive Learning Success Stories

For any person involved in product strategy, being in touch with customers is a key activity. And same is the case for me, being Raptivity product strategist. Recently, Raptivity team celebrated its 10 years; we talked with some of the customers who have been using Raptivity for more than 5-6 years. Let us read the interactive learning success stories of Chandra Clarke, President of Inklyo, and Kasy Young, from Be Your Best Foundation.

Let us read the success stories of Chandra Clarke, President of Inklyo and Kasy Young, from Be Your Best Foundation.

1. Implementing Raptivity Interactions At Inklyo 

Chandra Clarke, President of Inklyo, is a provider of online writing courses and other practical resources for writers. Chandra has been using Raptivity for over five years now and finds it to be a major driving force at Inklyo.

Raptivity’s presence was required when Inklyo was looking for a system to develop engaging interactivities for their online courses. The need for engaging interactions was because the topics would tire the learner or drive boredom within minutes. Some of the topics involved difficult concepts where a reduction in cognitive load was necessary. Interactivity in learning courses would ease up the learning experience; it would also invite greater participation as well. Let us take a quick look at the challenges faced by Inklyo and how Raptivity helped to overcome them.

  • Inklyo staff consists of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are ready with content to create courses; the gap existed in being technically inclined. Inklyo team selected Raptivity as their eLearning interaction development tool. Raptivity required zero programming knowledge and provided an effortless way to customize interactions in minutes and keep learners engaged. Subject Matter Experts could easily add Raptivity interactions to bring life into Inklyo’s eLearning courses and enable higher participation.
  • With the change in technology, Raptivity provided a seamless porting of Flash interaction files into HTML5 format. Inklyo’s previously designed Flash-based Raptivity interactions could be easily published in a single click enabling Inklyo to take their courses to various devices in the fastest possible way.

"The biggest thing for us in the last few years was the fact that we were able to port in our existing Raptivity interactivities over to HTML5 effortlessly", says Chandra. We were happy to know that Chandra was leveraging Raptivity interactions to deliver greater learning outcomes at Inklyo. Interesting story, isn’t it? We have a podcast from Chandra which you can listen here.

2. Leveraging Game Interactions For All Age Groups

Kasy Young is the President at the Be Your Best Foundation and is a Raptivity customer since 2009. Kasy shares how Raptivity is the secret sauce that has the capability to address behavior issues and bully problems in school through game-based interactions.

The Be Your Best Foundation, a non-profit organization, creates online courses for schools and colleges which can help in overcoming bully problems. Here is Kasy’s experience with Raptivity.

  • Kasy leverages Raptivity interactions in creating programs for the Young Social Graces Society. The programs are accessed by learners starting from three years to adults in colleges that are part of the society.
  • The course topics are uninteresting at times which lead to boredom and reduced user participation. Since all age group learners enjoy games, Kasy implements them in the programs as much as possible. She uses Raptivity game interaction template library for creating these games. A particular game has levels through which learners are engaged in solving, and as they proceed, knowledge and meaning of the course topic is imparted. "Raptivity games add the je ne sais quoi I was looking for", shares Kasy.
  • Raptivity games are not only time saving but cost efficient as well. Developing the same interactions would have otherwise turned out too expensive and time consuming.
  • Kasy also appreciates the simplicity of Raptivity; she stated that it requires zero programming knowledge to add interactions to online courses. Apart from the interaction template library, Kasy also finds the customer support valuable.

Here is a podcast from Kasy Young sharing why she is so excited about Raptivity and the invaluable support she has been receiving through these years.

Final Thoughts

These two customer experiences are among many which have given Raptivity a new dimension in delivering more for its customers. You can find many more such interactive learning success stories here.

Backed with instructionally designed, 190+ highly customizable interactions, Raptivity offers easy configuration of interaction in the form of text, questions, fonts, images, audio, video, and much more.  Moreover, it has helped instructional designers and content developers to add interactivity in a cost-effective way.

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