An E-Learning Success Story Within The Media And Publishing Market

An E-Learning Success Story Within The Media And Publishing Market
Summary: The media and publishing market is highly competitive and Docebo successfully helped Trinity Mirror, one of the biggest UK editorial group, in implementing an effective E-Learning strategy to improve their existing Sales Academy.

Companies in the media and publishing market must face critical questions like:

  • How can I engage the new members of my staff?
  • Can I train my employees and partners when they have spare time at work?
  • How do I keep my workforce up to date with new products and services?
  • How can I measure the effectiveness of my investments done in learning and training initiatives?

A Cloud E-Learning success story

How is it possible to find the appropriate answers? A free case study (click here for a complimentary download) from Docebo & Trinity Mirror syndicate the value of Learning Management Systems and how E-Learning can support quality and customized programs for learners across the UK.

The high staff turnover in sales and call center departments requires a learning environment where new staff is highly motivated and engaged. Providing personalized, just in time and just enough training is crucial to let people to take their learning when they are available, wherever they are.

It is a huge task to keep employees up to speed with the frequent changes in products and services delivered, and a tangible Return on Investment from learning programs is needed to convert my investments into revenues for my organization.

From traditional training to E-Learning

Thanks to its Cloud Learning Management System, Docebo helped Trinity Mirror in offering a unique online training for learners at every level in the business, on any browser, operating system, or device of their choice.

Trinity Mirror employees more than 5000 people in over 60 locations across the United Kingdom. The overall challenge was about to promote a new way of learning online to a traditionally classroom based workforce that had already had exposure to a few E-Learning systems. Providing quality and customized programs for learners across the UK needed a platform that would allow Trinity Mirror to expand its training pedagogy.

Access your training anytime, anywhere

Launched the new cloud based LMS in January 2013, the company was able to see who has accessed courses and also learners’ least favorite interactions, as well as to make better decisions as to what courses need to be updated and which formats work best.

Benefits of the cloud based LMS meant that learners could reach their educational and informational resources anywhere they could connect to the internet and from any device. Docebo provided also mobile device compatibility and the possibility of integration with Trinity Mirror’s enterprise applications.

Click Docebo and Trinity Mirror Unveiling an E-Learning success story in the Media & Publishing field to download the Free Case Study and learn more about this E-Learning success story.

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