Elucidat Success Stories: Learn How 3 Organizations Are Using Elucidat's Authoring Platform

Elucidat Success Stories: Learn How 3 Organizations Are Using Elucidat's Authoring Platform
Summary: How are successful organizations using Elucidat to achieve their business objectives?

How Organizations Are Using Elucidat's Authoring Platform: 3 Elucidat Success Stories

Let’s look at 3 Elucidat success stories to shed light on how you can use Elucidat inside your organization.

Use Case #1: Turning Face-To-Face Training Into Hgh-Quality Online Training

FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) was looking for a solution to help them turn their face-to-face training into high-quality online training. FIVB needed a cloud-based platform that made it easy for their team to create and update courses.

Why FIVB Chose Elucidat

  • FIVB needed a platform in which they could not only easily create large projects, but just as easily update content as needed.
  • Updating and refreshing content is easy and fast with Elucidat. FIVB can quickly update text, pictures or videos to keep them fresh and reflect their most recent events.
  • Elucidat makes it very easy for the team to create eLearning content. Responsive design also means their courses are available to view and access across all devices.

“Elucidat is a perfect fit for us. It is user-friendly and makes it very easy for us to create eLearning content. They also feature responsive design, which means our courses are available to view and access across all devices – that’s been huge for us.” Sven Probst, Sports Development Department, FIVB

Use Case #2: Creating More Internal Training Without Adding Headcount (And Costs)

ForgeRock, an identity and access management software company, needed an authoring tool that was easy to use and met specific standards and requirements. Elucidat has helped the company scale internal training without adding headcount.

ForgeRock has grown from its origins in Norway with its five founders to over $100 million in bookings in six years, making employee learning more and more important. The organization relies on Elucidat to help it deliver more and more training (increase of output by 300%), without adding more headcount and cost to the team.

Why ForgeRock Chose Elucidat

  • After evaluating a number of authoring tools, Elucidat was the only solution that met ForgeRock’s standards and requirements.
  • In addition to meeting specific standards, Elucidat’s easy-to-use features really stood out.
  • Elucidat also made it easy for ForgeRock to quickly get started. They used the template system to create themes that could be reused by anyone on the team.
  • ForgeRock relies on Elucidat to quickly update sales onboarding training – without needing to spend hours and extra resources rewriting and republishing the courses from scratch.

“I don't need to add large numbers of staff to my time. I work effectively with training partners and tools – like Elucidat – to save us time and resources.” Kevin Streater, ForgeRock

Use Case #3: Empowering 10 Subject Matter Experts To Create High Quality, Industry Leading Content

Charles Shields, head of online delivery at Youth Sport Trust, was looking for a tool that his Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – who were not technical wizards – could pick up and start using quickly.

Why Charles Chose Elucidat

  • Charles wanted to empower his team of SMEs to create eLearning content themselves. This would not only save time, but also money by eliminating the need for expensive instructional design contractors.
  • He loved Elucidat’s cloud-based system, which easily allows for a number of users to work on a single project – just the type of collaboration aid he sought.
  • Content maintenance and refreshing is a breeze, thanks to Elucidat’s one-step updating system. Refreshing content within Elucidat is so easy and effective, he is now in the position to license content to outside agencies.

“I can honestly say that I haven’t come across any other tool that is easier to use than Elucidat. With Elucidat, you get something that will speed up the process of creating eLearning, while keeping quality up.” Charles Shields, Youth Sport Trust

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