9 Live Demo Courses That Show You What's Possible With Elucidat's Authoring Tool

The Possibilities Of Elucidat's Authoring Tool

Here are 9 live demo course examples that show what is possible with Elucidat’s authoring tool.

1. Can You Spot The Fake Smile? (Challenge Learners)

Mini challenge uses a gamified approach to touch on the importance of a genuine smile in customer-facing roles.


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2. Health And Safety Course (Responsive Images)

Elucidat can display images differently, depending on the screen size your learner is using. It also uses a very clever (and responsive!) visual menu to explore different areas of the workplace.


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3. Are You Doing Your Bit For The Environment? (Branching And Badges)

An extract from an environmental awareness course which shows how a visual menu can be used to branch to small scenario questions. This also shows how ‘Badges’ can be used to reward learners for good decision-making.


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4. What Kind Of Leader Are You? (Branching And Progress Controls)

A short scenario-based leadership course built to demonstrate page locking progress controls.


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5. Cash Register Training Course (Simple Branching)

An example training course built to illustrate our branching features, interactions and visual variety using our Blocks theme.


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6. Are You A Sales Hero? (Bite-Sized Learning)

A scenario-based sales module which demonstrates branching features and achievement badges.


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7. To Share Or Not To Share? (Polls And Graphs)

A short social media course built to illustrate how you can use the Elucidat 'Polling' feature, a visual drag and drop interaction and also personalize results for your learners using Elucidat variables.


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8. Understanding Equivalent Fractions (Gamification)

This fun (and fully responsive) example teaches fractions in an interesting way.


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9. Fraud Protection Course (Badges, Polling, And Branching)

A compliance training example built to illustrate our new badges, polling and branching features.


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What Makes Elucidat An Award-Winning Authoring Tool?


Elucidat’s award-winning authoring tool (Gold Brandon Hall Award and 2015 UK eLearning Award) helps large companies and training providers streamline eLearning design, production and deployment, enabling them to deliver multi-device eLearning 50% faster.

In addition, Elucidat’s simple point and edit functionality empowers all team members (even non-technical ones) to create beautiful eLearning that stands out from the crowd.

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