"My 360Learning Tab Is Always Open": How Yousign Revamped Sales Training At Scale With 360Learning

"My 360Learning Tab Is Always Open": How Yousign Revamped Sales Training At Scale With 360Learning
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Summary: In this case study, find out how 360Learning helped Yousign improve its sales training and boost its sales quota.

360Learning Helps Yousign Achieve 82% Sales Quota

Yousign is the European champion of electronic signatures solutions, supporting more than 14,000 organizations in their contract generation and document signature needs.

Founded in 2013 in Caen (France), the company now has 200 employees across France, Italy and Germany. Every month, 4 million electronic signatures are generated via this fast, intuitive and secure SaaS solution.


Early 2022, Yousign took its ambitions to the next level. The company hired 150 employees, started establishing teams in Italy and Germany, and expanded its product offering.

With these massive challenges, the company's existing training solution no longer met the needs of the team. For Estefania (Fani) Rodriguez Merino, Revenue Enablement Manager in charge of sales training at Yousign, the onboarding process was due for a major overhaul.

Like many hyper-growing sales teams, Yousign ran into the following challenges:

  • Un-standardized training paths, in particular for onboarding, which delayed new joiners' ramp-up
  • Busy internal experts (sales reps, pre-sales teams) having little time to devote to onboarding meetings and check-ups
  • Low engagement in continuous training
  • Difficulties in measuring progress and skills acquisition

Something had to change to support the team's growth at scale while easing Fani's day-to-day work.


Fani now feels that "360Learning was the right call for Yousign." Let's zoom in on what made this change possible.

Standardizing Training Into A Single Source Of  Truth

Step number one: streamlining training quality for all learners.

As soon as the project kicked off, Fani was able to easily digitize the training courses by leveraging existing documentation. Thanks to the ultra-intuitive authoring tool, Fani added videos, quizzes, and other resources to create training courses at the cutting edge of digital pedagogy.

Hypergrowth? Changes in the organization? Constant product evolutions? Not a problem with instant content update capabilities. With such seamless maintenance, the 360Learning platform quickly reached the status of in-house source of truth. Fani explains:

360Learning has become our true source of truth. Every new recruit to the Revenue team can easily find details on our processes, alongside additional upskilling resources.

With this improved onboarding process, Fani was able to save a lot of time which she promptly reinvested into strategic projects. The centralized online onboarding now allows new recruits to learn with the same quality of training and greater autonomy. With the time saved on onboarding, Fani can shift her focus onto projects which had been put on hold for a while, such as best practice guides, or industry-specific learning tracks.

And because training doesn't stop at onboarding, every new recruit to the Revenue team has access to the Revenue Academy to dive deeper into topics related to their own role.

Involving Business Experts Strategically

With the previous method, business experts didn't have the time to meet with each cohort of learners. A missed opportunity to share crucial knowledge.

Thanks to collaborative editing capabilities (co-authors, internal comments), business experts can now encapsulate their knowledge into online courses in just a few minutes. Fani keeps control over training distribution with 360Learning's sharing workflows:

I can't create all of the courses, but I still manage content distribution because I have the expertise to find the best way to get the message across to the teams successfully, as well as ensuring that our courses meet our brand guidelines.

Following the creation phase, internal experts still participate in the training process. They will assist Fani in high added-value interactions, such as role-plays during sales calls simulations.

360Learning helped Yousign achieve 82% sales quota.

Increasing Learner Engagement Through Collaboration

Collaboration doesn't stop at co-creation. With the collaborative learning capabilities that make up 360Learning's DNA, learners interact throughout the course via forums and comments. Ideal for instilling a sense of community, but also for ensuring continuous knowledge sharing. Fani testifies to the depth of these exchanges:

Learners are constantly sharing feedback with one another. They're always refining the information available, to the point where they regularly help me update the training. It's very enriching!

Measuring Progress Continuously

Finally, the biggest change for sales training comes with the ability to measure the impact of training in real time.

Fani can now instantly track learner progress at any given time and connect their progression with skills development objectives via more than 50 stats charts. The 360Learning platform has become an essential part of her practice, to the point where she confides that "[her] 360Learning tab is always open."

With the Coaching solution, Fani and her team can validate learners' skills with an integrated video pitch assessment solution. Each sales rep records a presentation on video, which is then submitted to their coach in a 1:1, asynchronous forum. According to Fani, this is a valuable tool for ensuring that sales reps are equipped to meet prospects across the different business verticals addressed by Yousign, without any sales surprises.

Jamie-Lee Simard, CSM at Yousign, talks about benefits of training to prepare for future customer interactions:

Humans learn by doing. Having to record your screen to give a short demonstration is very instructive!


One year post-launch, Yousign's results speak for themselves:

  • 82% of meeting their targets during ramp-up time by new sales reps
  • 9 in 10 trial periods validated, thanks in particular to the solid foundation of onboarding
  • 84% training completion rate since the launch of the 360Learning platform

The best feedback comes from learners themselves: Fani regularly receives Slack messages that speak to the quality of the training and its impact on their deals.

Last but not least, this revamped sales training is a major advantage for Yousign's employer brand in an ultra-competitive market. According to Fani:

New joiners tell us they've never experienced an onboarding program like this. It's a real asset for us!

Next Steps

Do More With Less

After last year's period of unprecedented expansion, Yousign is now looking to stabilize. In one word (or four): do more with less. 360Learning is proving to be an excellent tool not only to communicate on strategy changes, but also for diving deeper into existing projects. For instance, Fani is now using the platform to develop a skills enhancement program to upskill the sales team on managing more complex projects and sales cycles, in line with the company's global strategy. It is also paving the way for a Revenue Leaders Academy, which will focus on standardizing sales best practices.

Company-Wide Expansion

Thanks to the power of HR integrations and the proven success of the sales training pilot, Fani hopes to bring the rest of Yousign's teams onto the platform very soon. The Legal team already used 360Learning to launch Yousign's first-ever GDPR certification.

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