Need To Make More Content, Faster? Try Quick Learning Modules

Need To Make More Content, Faster? Try Quick Learning Modules
Summary: When done correctly, Quick Learning Modules are a great way to get content out fast and to boost retention. This article will explain tips and tricks to help you decide if QLMs are right for your organization and, if so, how to start using them today.

Need To Make More Content, Faster? Try Quick Learning Modules

While the Sharable Content Object Resource Model, or SCORM, may have gotten a bad rap it’s not a four letter word. Sure, SCORM has some quirks, but it is a good concept and many of the bugs have been fixed with the Tin Can API. In fact, shareable content objects (or Quick Learning Modules, as Cisco calls them) are a great tool for keeping up with a fast paced learning environment and creating more content faster.

These short 15 minute modules on a focused topic can be made to stand alone, as well as make up part of a complete course. By using templates and shells they are easy to update and reuse, which not only makes them faster, but also more cost effective. Plus, they can easily be made to be mobile friendly. While QLMs are a great way to get content out fast and to boost retention, they are not appropriate for every type of learning. Below is a chart to give you some examples of when to use QLMs and when not to:

Do Not
  • Ongoing Sales Training
  • Engineering certification
  • Focused product updates
  • Initial on-boarding
  • New feature announcements
  • Core compliance learning programs
  • Reinforcement

QLMs are ideal for quickly communicating simple, focused concepts; however, they are often not sufficient for more complicated learning programs. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use them, but if you do, make sure they are included as just one part in a comprehensive, blended learning program. Before you start your project, it is important to set a scope and clarify your goals. Cisco has been using QLMs for a while now to create mini training courses consisting of several video training materials from Cisco Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on a particular topic such as Wireless, Routers, Networking, etc. The videos are supplemented with notes to help provide the learner with context, as well as self-assessments, to reinforce their understanding of the topic. These QLMs have become incredibly popular because they are short, focused and easy to understand so they help learners to quickly master the subject. However, they are also the perfect solution to the growing agile development environment because they can be produced nimbly and efficiently.

That said, there is a technique to making sure they are effective. Luckily, Cisco has agreed to share their secret sauce in a free webinar with VIA on Thursday, November 21, 11 a.m. PT. In this webinar Wendy Dyer, Project Manager at Cisco Systems, Inc., Evan Stuckless, Learning Manager, VIA and Nic McMahon, VP Learning, VIA, will explain not only what it takes to make QLMs, but how to make them great! Register now: