5 Questions To Ask Before Deploying New Event Technology

5 Questions To Ask Before Deploying New Event Technology
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Summary: If you are thinking of deploying a new technology, you don’t need to be an expert. Just follow the tips in this article and decide whether the technology is right for your event or just a waste of money.

New Event Technology: Questions To Ask Before Deploying

We live in an era where everything is happening so rapidly. Things that were popular few months back may get obsolete a few months later. Some of them fail while others may succeed and carry on in the future.

Technology has been on the top of the list where things are changing abruptly. Staying competitive without technology seems impossible. However, it is not wise to deploy technology without evaluating the consequences.

When we talk about event management, technology has played an imperative role in offering smooth and seamless event planning and operations. Take an example of mobile event apps that allows easy check-in, event registration, networking, and much more. Even before you reached out a company to develop a mobile event app, you must have analyzed the pros and cons.

Before you deploy another technology to make your events better and engaging, ask yourself these questions:

1. Does The Technology Suits My Type Of Event?

The purpose of deploying new technology in your current business process is to minimize the hassle and reap greater ROI. Firstly, you need to analyze the purpose of tech tools, and how will it help you achieve your long-term goals.

Before finalizing your decision, make sure to ask tech consultant to help you out in verifying the usefulness and the overall benefits it will yield in the coming years. It is good to tell the type of events you conduct and how big or small the events normally are. For instance, not every event requires projector for presentation.

2. How Will It Help To Achieve Your Event Goals?

Have you decided your event goals yet? What are the possibilities of scaling it up? The event technology primary purpose is to scale up your event business. If you are just deploying technology only for the sake of using it, just throw the idea away and let it go as it was before.

If you are deploying technology for your event, try to think how it will help you to achieve goals like boosting network capabilities, increasing audience interaction, or eliminating the cost of printing brochures and other material.

3. Am I Able To Afford Within My Budget?

After allocating the right technology, find the cost of deploying it. No matter, how much beneficial it is, if you can’t afford, how would you buy it. It is similar to wish to buy a Ferrari for your daily commute to the office when you are living paycheck to paycheck.

Make sure to allocate how much you are willing to spend. Let the provider know the size of events you conduct and your budget. There might be some other alternative solution within a given budget.

4. Does It Offer Detailed Insights?

The tech solution for the event is useful only if it provides detailed insights and data. The insights must be the building block of taking decisions. Look at whether the technology provides a real-time dashboard and show you how things are working. Whether the data is simple to understand and easy to compare it with other events.

Based on this data, you will be able to make a better decision in the future, for instance, learning about your attendees. Ensure that you have full control and ownership of the data, and can access it even years after the event.

5. Is There Any Customer Support?

As an event manager, you might know how to use mobile apps or setting up a projector. But what if there is a problem in digital signage that needs to be fixed as early as possible. For this, you need to have support 24/7. Find out whether the tech provider has everything you need, such as email, address, live chat and minimum customer service response time.


If you are thinking of deploying a new technology, follow the above tips. You can also take help from your team members on what technology is best to improve the overall event process and how to cover the cost. Remember, the event technology should cover the cost in the least time and reap greater ROI as compared to the past.