The 9 Best Places To Post Instructional Design Jobs

Where To Post Instructional Design Jobs

When it comes to the future of Learning and Development for your organization, hiring the top candidates should be your primary goal. Instructional Designers often come from many different backgrounds from traditional teaching to software developers. This is because Instructional Design covers so many facets of adult learning that takes someone with a keen knowledge of learning concepts.

Technology also plays a huge role in selecting the best Instructional Designers. There is a growing number of Learning Management Systems that companies can tap into to create meaningful training and courses for employees. So too, there are also different types of technology to address the unique learning styles of the end user.

In order to hire the most skilled Instructional Designers, it's critical to post Instructional Design jobs on the right platforms where they will be seen. But what are these Instructional Design job portals and how can they help an organization achieve the right hire? Below find a brief overview of the best places to post Instructional Design jobs today.

1. Niche Learning Industry Job Posting Websites

In order to attract candidates who are looking specifically for Instructional Design jobs, one of the best places to post advertisements is on a niche learning industry website that includes job posting opportunities. This is because candidates will already be frequenting the website to learn about the eLearning market and trends that are happening now. For example, eLearning industry provides a robust job posting service at an affordable rate.

Why are niche job boards better than regular job posting boards? While job boards have been around for ages, niche job boards offer a more focused community for getting in front of the right audience. An article on the Undercover Recruiter shares that niche websites are much more likely to pull in qualified candidates who are actually interested in the job vs. large boards that simply result in thousands of unqualified applicants.

2. Social Networks For Learning Professionals

Nearly 90% of adults have the social media profiles in at least one of the major networks. Therefore, another great place to post Instructional Design jobs is on social media platforms. There are general job postings that can be added, in order to maximize this resource, consider creating niche learning communities to attract relevant candidates to your job ads.

3. Learning And Development Schools

There are a number of colleges and universities that offer Learning and Development degrees as well as certificate programs. It is a good idea to partner with these colleges and universities to introduce students to potential career opportunities upon graduation. Get to know the instructors at the colleges, particularly those who work with adults who are already working within the industry. This can be a great source of leads and referrals for eLearning candidates.

4. Learning And Design Associations And Committees

eLearning professionals often make a decision to become part of industry recognized Learning and Design associations. This can range the gamut from international to regional groups who sets the standards for professionals and this industry. Look for these associations as a source of fresh talent. Take advantage of membership rates to post job leads using these resources.

5. Trade Shows And Business Events

Nearly every community will host a business event or tradeshow a couple times a year. In addition to setting up a booth to introduce your company to potential Learning and Design candidates, take advantage of any online job posting opportunities that are offered. Oftentimes this is factored into the cost of running a booth. Also don't be afraid to ask for a list of event participants that you can follow up with to share job leads.

6. Industry Workshops

Community education is very important in many regions where there are high numbers of candidates available for work. Work with state and regional career directories to host industry workshops where you can educate people about career opportunities in the field of learning in design. Consider hiring at least a percentage of former instructors who may have been let go by area schools under looking for new opportunities.

7. Job Fairs And Staffing Agencies

Very often staffing agencies to help source and place candidates into new jobs. Very often, they will be involved with job fairs and will also be networked with local colleges. Take advantage of these relationships and offered to post regular job requisitions with staffing agencies. Whether you have jobs that are contract, part-time, full-time, or seasonal you'll want to stay in close contact with the agencies of your choice.

8. Within eLearning Industry Profiles

It's very easy to post new job leads within your eLearning industry profile. It takes just a matter of minutes to add a new job post. Gather the information and the requirements for the job and create a job posting here. Be creative with your description and makes the job ad more appealing by sharing the compensation and culture offered by the company.

9. Create An Article

You may also wish to take advantage of the article posting service available on your favorite eLearning industry website. You can share career advice and tips for Learning and Design professionals who are hoping to land new jobs. Include a link to your current job postings for your career page as part of your byline.

You will be able to effectively attract and recruit eLearning talent using the above job posting advice. Remember to harness the power of a niche job posting service as your primary resource for finding and securing instructional designers for your company.