8 Strategies To Connect With Top eLearning Candidates

How To Connect With Top eLearning Candidates

Much has changed over the years, in terms of how recruiters and eLearning candidates connect. Just a few years ago, recruiters scoffed at the idea of sourcing candidates on newly emerging social networks; now they are a main go-to source for talent. So too, job boards and online communities have gone through many transformations, with the introduction of new resources and features that connect people in meaningful ways.

How The eLearning Recruitment Game Is Changing

In the eLearning market, recruiters are trying to make their way as the industry is still in its rapid growth phase. Jeffrey Roth writes that revenues for the eLearning market are expected to reach $51.5 billion by the end of 2016, and nearly 80 percent of organizations report that they are using some type of Learning Management System. The use of learning technology requires skilled employees who can confidently take companies into the future. Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that recruiters understand how to best connect with the top eLearning talent on the market.

Connecting with eLearning candidates takes a deep understanding of what motivates and inspires them. Many mid-level professionals are now seeking new opportunities while younger and entry-level eLearning pros enter the market --- each with very different drivers. Read on to learn what strategies you can take as a recruiter to connect with the top eLearning talent on the market today.

1. Get Involved With The Major eLearning Communities. 

One of the best ways to make connections with eLearning candidates is to partner with the largest eLearning communities on the internet. These are the sites that have worked hard to provide excellent value to readers, have ongoing updates on the industry, host events, and have methods to get in touch with candidates.

2. Post Jobs On Leading eLearning Niche Job Boards. 

Today’s eLearning professionals are seeking the best careers with top companies, and they conduct exhaustive searches on all the major job boards. However, it’s been noticed that the job leads on basic job sites are not always fresh, and there are wide variances in requirements and salaries offered. Smart recruiters take the time to place their focus on niche job boards that are specific to the eLearning market.

3. Attend Or Sponsor eLearning Events And Webinars. 

A great way to get in front of eLearning candidates is by sponsoring and attending eLearning events, webinars, and trade shows. Many job seekers frequent these types of events in the hopes of learning about new opportunities and startup companies. Just getting your name out there can assist you with being recognized by candidates. Being a sponsor means you can follow up with attendees and see if they have any career goals you can assist them with. Live attendance gives you a close up and personal way to meet eLearning talent and get to know them.

4. Start eLearning Career Groups On Social Networks.       

Another promising way to connect with more eLearning talent in a strategic way is to create an eLearning career network. Use LinkedIn or Facebook for this purpose. Post new job leads and information about new companies looking to hire. Share content and updates from the eLearning Industry blog.

5. Reach Out To Colleges, Universities, And eLearning Training Organizations. 

With many more eLearning and Design programs taking place in colleges and universities, companies can easily collaborate with and present at these organizations. Host a career day and talk with students about the exciting career opportunities in eLearning. Meet with those about to graduate and set them up with internship programs or work-training programs for the coming season.

6. Become Listed With eLearning Company Directories. 

It’s important to be in as many places at once as a recruiter in the eLearning jobs market. This means you will want to take the time to get listed in a prominent directory of eLearning professionals. The directory should be at the top of search engine results because a majority of candidates search on their mobile search engines for jobs. Indicate you have jobs posted too, and include your complete contact information.

7. Contribute Thought-Leadership Content On Trending Topics.       

If you want to be viewed by candidates as someone who is an authority in the eLearning world, and therefore someone worth connecting with, try contributing some outstanding content on any topic pertaining the eLearning. There are limitless things that are trending now and into the next year. You could even interview your favorite clients who need eLearning employees. Or create a list of the top eLearning books you’ve read.

8. Reach Out To Recently Hired Candidates And Ask For Referrals. 

A powerful and very effective way to connect with top eLearning candidates is by simply reaching out to those you’ve recently placed and asking for some referrals. Many newly placed employees are more than happy to refer a few colleagues and you have the benefit of them being pre-screened. After all, no one is going to recommend a colleague unless he or she is worth the time to talk with. That would be embarrassing.

Follow the above tips and you should have your roster filled with a number of quality eLearning candidates you can pitch new job leads too, or consider for your current open assignments. Remember to keep reaching out strategically to your connections, stay out in the open, and be an influencer for the best results.