Presenting The Adobe eLearning Design Awards – Powered By eLearning Industry

Presenting The Adobe eLearning Showcase Challenge-Powered by eLearning Industry
Summary: Calling all Instructional Designers who want to get recognized and boost their online rep. We proudly present the Adobe eLearning Design Awards in collaboration with eLearning Industry.

Break Out Your Best Ideas...It's Time For The Adobe eLearning Showcase!

Instructional Designers usually work their magic behind the scenes to develop truly memorable eLearning experiences. But it’s time to step into the spotlight and show off your L&D talents. That’s right, I'm excited to announce that Adobe is pairing with eLearning Industry to launch a contest for ID pros of all experience levels. And there’s not just a virtual round of applause at stake. The winners take center stage in an episode of Adobe’s online chat show where they can promote their personal brand, for starters. Without further ado, here are some top reasons why you should ignite your creative ID spark for the Adobe eLearning Design Awards – Powered by eLearning Industry.

The Most Exciting eLearning Design Challenge!
Call for all Instructional Designers. Submit your eLearning projects and earn a ticket to the spotlight in the world of eLearning.

6 Undeniable Perks Of Entering The Captivate Contest

1. Winners Receive A Certificate Of Recognition

Those who outshine their competitors get an official Certificate of Recognition they can proudly show off to peers. Not to mention, include it in their resumes or online portfolios to land more professional opportunities. This industry accolade is further proof that your tech expertise and eLearning creativity are superior than most others. In short, it shows your commitment to design excellence, as it comes from not one, but two, trusted names in the online training industry. You can also check out some of the best Adobe eLearning projects to get ideas for your contest entry!

2. Boost Your Personal Brand

Building a successful online presence can be a challenging feat if you’re new. Even seasoned Instructional Designers may find it difficult to present their experience and expertise. Online training is gaining ground and more organizations are looking for qualified ID pros, which means that competition is fierce. This Design Challenge allows you to enhance your personal brand image and reputation within the eLearning community. Newcomers get a foothold in the niche while ID veterans reach a broader audience.

3. Promote Your Niche Expertise

Companies want to bring experienced and skilled Instructional Designers on board. They look for IDs who make the most of modern tech and the Adobe eLearning Design Awards help you increase your personal and professional development. Industry achievements and awards allow you to stand apart from other designers. More importantly, it shows clients and potential employers that you can develop amazing eLearning experiences with the right tools.

4. Star In An Exclusive Adobe Knowledge Sharing Session

The winners of the contest have the opportunity to showcase their projects on Adobe’s “eLearning Unplugged'' online chat show. You’ll get to co-present with the other winners and get noticed by the eLearning world. You can share your insider know-how with other eLearning pros and expand your network. For example, we don’t promise, but attendees might reach out to collaborate or seek your professional help in their businesses. Yet another perk is being able to position yourself as an industry insider if you choose to host events or workshops. Maybe you’d like to eventually launch your own ID courses or webinars, or write eBooks for Instructional Design hopefuls who are just breaking into the industry.

5. Be Featured In A Massive Social Media Campaign

Winners of the Adobe eLearning Design Awards – Powered by eLearning Industry will be featured via a social media campaign. Your contest entry will appear across both channels so that you get maximum online exposure. This also makes it easier to share your winning deliverable across your social media platforms to drum up new business. Adobe and eLearning Industry are well-known in the eLearning sector. Thus, you get to benefit from their loyal following and targeted online reach.

6. Get Industry Bragging Rights

Only a select few Instructional Designers can claim this title, which means that winners get top bragging rights. But it’s not just about the public praise. Who knows which doors the Adobe eLearning Design Awards will unlock for the winners. For instance, you may land your dream job after a CEO sees your presentation, or potential clients are impressed by your eLearning innovation and contact you for outsourcing projects. The possibilities are endless, if you're ready to seize this rare opportunity, that is.


The Adobe eLearning Design Awards – Powered by eLearning Industry can help you gain industry recognition and build your personal brand. It just takes one inspired idea and knowledge about Adobe Captivate authoring tool to make the magic happen. Whether you've never shared your work before or have created hundreds of scenarios and simulations, this is your chance to shine. The deadline is March 14th, 2021. So, there's no time like the present to break out your best assets and start brainstorming.

Let’s face it, 2020 was a challenge for everyone. Why not make 2021 the year where you take your Instructional Design career to a whole new level, starting with this Adobe eLearning Design Awards. Plus, it gives you the chance to create content on topics you’re truly passionate about, whether it's macramé basics or multicultural diversity training. If you have any questions about the participation format, feel free to check out the contest requirements.

Adobe eLearning Showcase Challenge-Powered by eLearning Industry