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What is an eLearning Press Release?

Reach out to your target audience and spread the word about new products, services, and newsworthy events.

Press Release Do's and Don'ts

A number of rules that you must bear in mind when writing a press release.

Benefits of an eLearning Press Release

Explore the many benefits of distributing an eLearning release.

How to Format a Press Release

Basic layout that will help you create succinct and well-organized eLearning press releases that never miss the mark.

Tips for a Polished Press Release

Tips & tricks that can help you make a polished press release that achieves your marketing goals.

How to Submit a Press Release

Tips to help you ensure that your press release gets published.

Press Release FAQs

Answers to some of the most pressing news release questions you might have.

How to Post a Press Release

A walk through to the complete process.

"Writing a press release offers a myriad of benefits. Despite the fact that crafting a successful new release does require a significant amount of time and effort, they may be an integral part of your marketing strategy."

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