Published: February 1, 2022

A New Role Emerges: The Learning Culture Officer

L&D plays a critical role in developing people and cultivating a learning culture, but they need new skills. A new cohort and community is launching in April to develop the next generation of Learning Culture Officers.

Curious Lion Inc.

Andrew Barry

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First-Ever Learning Culture Experience Launches For Learning Culture Officers

The role of an L&D professional is tough. Management thinks training is the top-down creation of events and courses that will magically fix real business issues. Your priorities include building capability academies, cleaning up and integrating your learning tech ecosystem, and building a skills taxonomy to tie it all together.

Yet you are trapped in a cycle of creating and pushing out content. What if we told you it was possible to create a culture of continuous learning as you've always wanted? What if we told you this was already happening?

There are companies in which employees are integrating work and learning.

Where employees see themselves as lifelong learners.

  • They hungrily consume knowledge from books, videos, podcasts, and courses.
  • They deliberately reflect on what they've learned and instinctively apply it to their daily work.
  • They meet in cohorts of their peers to discuss real-world challenges and leave committed to taking action.

Employees at these companies don't learn from the transfer of information, they learn by transforming themselves.

At Curious Lion, we've witnessed this consistently over the past two years working with the likes of PagerDuty, Pinterest, Bolt, Brex, and the NBA.

And now we're ready to teach you how to create your own.

What's the secret, you ask?

Cohort Learning Experiences, or CLX's as we refer to them.

We use CLXs to help our clients see their organization as a system, uncover hidden knowledge and bring people together frictionlessly in a way that promotes community.

The Learning Culture Experience

On April 11, we're launching the first-ever Learning Culture Experience.

The Learning Culture Experience is:

  • a virtual, cohort-based, live learning experience,
  • an ongoing learning community, and
  • an accelerator for Learning Culture Officers of the future.

Who Is It For?

  • Talent Development Professionals who believe there is a better way to learn,
  • L&D Directors, Managers, and Specialists looking to level up their skills,
  • Subject-Matter-Experts tasked with creating training content.

Only 50 spots are available for the first cohort this Spring.

In your cohort, and in the alumni community, you’ll learn how to develop a Cohort Learning Experience of your own to transform the way your company learns.

You'll also receive one year of access to the alumni community to continue to hone your skills.

What To expect?

As a Learning Culture Officer with a system for learning and oversight of HR’s Center of Excellence for Skills, you immediately raise your profile in your company.

You’re driving real business outcomes after all.

Being able to demonstrate ROI on your efforts, you put yourself in a position of leverage. You’re able to negotiate promotions or better packages. You’ll be on the radar of the top high-growth companies looking to develop their competitive advantage through the transformation of their learning culture.

You’ll build a community around you, allowing you to amplify your impact. You’ll be seen as a mentor to many. You’ll be seen as a leader wherever you choose to apply your talents in cultivating a high-performing learning culture.

How To Get Involved?

Apply to join the inaugural cohort now on our website.

If your application is accepted, you'll be able to schedule an interview to make sure it's a good fit for you.

Once you're fully accepted, you will join 49 other ambitious learning leaders, ready to transform themselves and their companies through learning.

About Curious Lion And Andrew Barry

Curious Lion is a strategy, design, and creative production company for accelerating online learning.

It was founded by Andrew Barry, who has 15+ years of experience in corporate learning, in the belief that we learn best by doing and we learn faster by learning with others.