Published: March 17, 2020

ACM Talent Announces Voiceover Division For Medical eLearning And Narration

A voiceover leader, ACM Talent, is the first national representation firm that has created a division for Medical eLearning and narrations.

ACM Talent

Colleen Collin

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ACM Talent: Voiceover Division For Medical eLearning And Narration

New York, NY—March 3rd, 2020—ACM Talent, a voiceover leader in the industry, becomes the first national representation firm to create a division specifically for Medical eLearning and narrations.

"We saw two important factors evolving in the industry," says ACM’s co-Founder, Phil Sutfin. "The first is the continued growth of the health care industry and the second is how inefficient the voiceover hiring process is throughout the business. ACM is confident we can improve the overall hiring experience and add significant value throughout the production process."

"We also provide unparalleled services," adds ACM’s other co-founder, Marc Guss. "From audition samples to our combined decades of true voiceover expertise, we can anticipate the needs of producers and be sure they are provided the very best and cost-effective professionals for their project."

ACM has created a unique roster with vast experience catering to the medical field. "It also takes unique voiceover talent to work in the medical space," says Sutfin. "Only a tiny fraction of the best performers have the skills necessary and we have assembled the best of the best to deliver to our producers."

ACM veterans, Colleen Colin and Christi Bowen will helm the Medical eLearning and corporate initiatives. Colin, ACM’s Director of Project Management, brings her unique perspective as a former project manager at the voiceover platforms Voicebank and Voices. Christi brings a decade of experience as a voiceover performer and entrepreneur specializing in eLearning and corporate communications.

"Voiceover performers are usually an afterthought" Sutfin continues, "yet so much time and energy are spent trying to engage and educate crucial audiences and to spark positive changes in behavior. We not only offer great persuasive performers but unmatched speed, service, and cost-efficiency."

About ACM Talent

Formed in 2012 by industry veterans Phil Sutfin and Marc Guss, ACM Talent is an industry leader in commercials, movie trailers, television narrations, TV and radio promotion, political and advocacy advertising as well as other voiceover specialties. ACM’s staff provides unparalleled experience and expertise in all things voiceover.

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