Published: October 31, 2016

Agylia And University Of The West Of England To Lead Mobile Learning Study

The Learning Technology Research Project 2016 - launching November 2016 - is a joint study between Agylia and University of the West of England (UWE). It's expected to be this year's biggest community research project into the use of mobile learning.


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Agylia Participates In Mobile Learning Study

The research will be conducted via the Learning Technology Research Project 2016 App – available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The App will provide participants with hands-on involvement in the research, and an opportunity to experience mobile learning in action.

Research participants will undertake a two-week mobile training programme. As part of this they will receive a mix of digital learning resources, including short mobile learning modules, quizzes and surveys. The digital learning resources will provide an insight into the latest thinking in modern education – such as gamification, social, and virtual and augmented reality.

Tim Buff, CEO & Chief Learning Strategist at Agylia said, “We are excited to see how research participants interact with the digital learning and support resources on their mobile devices. Every participant will enrich the research insights and help our understanding of how mobile learning can be used to enhance the way people learn.”

“The research findings will be invaluable in understanding how mobile technology can be used to improve and advance the delivery of knowledge,” added Buff. “I encourage learning and development, HR and IT professionals, and everyone with an interest in education and training worldwide, to participate in the research and to contribute their experiences to this study.”

The Learning Technology Research Project 2016 is guided and supported by researchers from UWE, and will use the Agylia Learning Management System and mobile learning Apps to deliver the digital learning resources and track research outcomes.

All research participants will receive a free copy of the summary research report.

To be part of the study, register on the Learning Technology Research Project 2016 website.

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