Published: May 26, 2016

Announcing The Most Comprehensive Instructional Design Course!

The Instructional Design for ELearning course is full of theory, practical tips and loads of templates and exercises - Great for aspiring Instructional Designers, beginners in the field, as well as veteran eLearning content developers.

Your ELearning World

Marina Arshavskiy

[email protected]


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At a recent event renowned entrepreneur, author and instructional design specialist Marina Arshavskiy announced the launch of her new Instructional Design for eLearning Course.

The course is based on Ms. Arshavskiy’s highly popular book on the subject, and is intended to serve as an invaluable resource for new and aspiring instructional designers.

Addressing her audience at the launch event, Ms. Arshavskiy highlighted the structure and approach of the course, which is intended to:

  • Explore the basics of online learning theory, principles, techniques and methodologies
  • Help course participants develop highly personalized eLearning content to meet the unique needs of their students/learners
  • Enable enrollees to master the skills of producing highly interactive eLearning courses quickly and cost-effectively

Event attendees were advised that the course itself has been designed using a building-block approach, which is meant to progressively further the knowledge acquired by students through successive elements of the course.

Explaining the motivation behind developing the course, Ms. Arshavskiy noted that, based on her extensive experience and research, eLearning course designers – both novices and veterans – had few resources to guide them on creating truly effective and impactful eLearning content. By offering Instructional Designers all the theories and tools needed to do their job effectively, the Instructional Design for eLearning Course fills that gap.

In Arshavskiy’s own words:

“The rich variety of medium and content used to create the course will provide participants a unique set of experiences with regards to designing and developing instructionally sound content”

Ms. Arshavskiy stressed that course participants will be able to:

  • Watch highly engaging videos on a diverse range of topics
  • Read extremely relevant and informative articles related to ID and eLearning
  • Leverage templates and other online tools to help them with their own eLearning projects
  • Review and revise everything they’ve learned, and sharpen their skills with examples and exercises

Course participants will also have access to continually updated content that will ensure that they are always in the know of cutting edge developments in Instructional Design and eLearning.

The event organizers also announced that the launch comes with a limited-time special discounted offer, through which registrants will get life-time access to all of this content…and much more at significantly reduced rates.