Published: May 29, 2019

Automate The Assessment Process: PlagiarismCheck Integrations Overview presents recent integrations with the most popular learning management systems—Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom, that make the teaching and learning process faster and more efficient.

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Integration with Google Classroom

This integration streamlines the writing assessment process by allowing users to load files for plagiarism detection right from Google Classroom. supports papers submitted as Google Docs or as attachments for an Assignment or Question task, and generates an interactive similarity report for every checked file. The report can be shared online or downloaded as a PDF file if needed. has also developed an extra feature for Google Classroom users: Similarity Statistics. It allows teachers to get a comprehensive view of plagiarism cases that are detected in students’ papers and track statistics on plagiarism for different types of assignments.

Integration with Moodle

Due to the specially designed plugin, is fully integrated with Moodle LMS. Thanks to this, teachers and students can check academic works for plagiarism without using any additional tools.

Teachers can choose the tasks they want to check for plagiarism—all files submitted by students for these tasks will be checked automatically. The similarity report with the overall percentage of plagiarism will appear next to the attached file. To view the report, one should click on the similarity score to see all the details.

Both students and educators can access similarity reports at any moment. This allows students to review their works and learn how to properly use sources, while teachers can grade assignments and track students' academic performance.

Integration with Canvas integrates with Canvas via its native Canvas Plagiarism Platform, which ensures an easy and efficient user experience for admins, teachers, and students. It takes up to 5 minutes to set up the integration and explore all the benefits of

Instructors can decide what kind of assignments they want to check for plagiarism by simply selecting as a tool for a similarity search. The results of the check will be represented in the “Grades” section by four color markers—red, orange, yellow, and green—depending on the percentage of plagiarism that has been detected. It enables educators to monitor students' academic performance and to track each similarity case separately.

The detailed report with a complete analysis of a student’s work is available in the “SpeedGrader” section.

Specifics of the smart similarity report

PlagiarismCheck provides teachers and students with a detailed similarity report:

  • Its sophisticated algorithm detects and highlights word rearrangements, synonymization, poor paraphrasing, changes from passive to active voice, and changes of the alphabet from Latin to Cyrillic and vice versa.
  • The tool can automatically exclude or include quotes and references from the similarity score (they are highlighted in a different color).
  • The report contains direct links to all sources where similarity has been detected.

Additional features of PlagiarismCheck that make the educational process more efficient are as follows:

  • The possibility to check the text against online sources, closed depositories/libraries, or both
  • Personal archive of students’ works for each particular school
  • Draft versions: students can correct their papers and resubmit them without getting false positive results
  • Support of various file formats

If you want to discover more details about how to get the most out of using your LMS with integration, book a demo and get your free trial account right now.

About is a plagiarism-detection tool which allows a user to find exact matches, paraphrased sentences, and other types of similarities in writing assignments, including improper referencing. To schedule a demo and sign up for a free trial account, please contact us at [email protected].