Published: December 22, 2017

Award Winning Justification For Web Courseworks

Web Courseworks won Gold for their evaluation and reporting tools within CourseStage LMS. "EvaluPac" provides ROI data and education program outcomes reporting.

Web Courseworks

Amber Bovenmyer

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Web Courseworks' EvaluPac Wins A Coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award

Web Courseworks, a leader in innovative continuing education technologies, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation. The award showcases their evaluation tools within CourseStage Learning Management System, called “EvaluPac”.

CEO of Web Courseworks, Jon Aleckson, said “Learning & Development professionals, especially those who work in continuing adult education will appreciate the data-driven reporting features of our toolset called EvaluPac. This ability to demonstrate ROI will mean more investments being made in online lifelong learning initiatives”.

The award was given to Web Courseworks’ EvaluPac, a pack of reporting features built within CourseStage Learning Management System. Web Courseworks has created eLearning software for corporations, national associations and medical societies since 1979. This specific program focuses on helping associations and medical societies to measure the outcomes and efficacy of their education programs. The set of reporting tools within CourseStage LMS give association executives a toolkit for justifying the purchase of their Learning Management System and the benefit to their members.

Providers of continuing education for highly regulated certifications (e.g., medical specialty board certification, CRNA certification, etc.) need to meet funders’ and accreditors’ demands for activity impact analysis and outcomes evaluations. Measuring the impact of activities and the outcomes of your education programs provides feedback on your program design and also allows you to promote your education programs with confidence.

Dr. Andy Hicken, Director of Quality & Strategy at Web Courseworks, worked closely on the EvaluPac project and is a Subject Matter Expert in measuring educational outcomes. Dr. Hicken said, “EvaluPac provides CE providers with some of the most common educational assessment analyses without requiring in-depth knowledge of statistics. That way, our clients can provide their funders and accreditors with the statistics they need to demonstrate the efficacy of their courses without having to hire a psychometrician to analyze the data for them. We’re excited to offer this solution and honored to be recognized by Brandon Hall”.

About Web Courseworks

Web Courseworks is a learning technologies and consulting company. We help corporations, associations, medical societies, and non-profits leverage technology and drive highly successful education initiatives that push them to be the leading provider of education in their field. We continue to develop and benefit from our unique position as a full-service eLearning company. To learn more about Web Courseworks’ solutions, including EvaluPac, please visit our website.

About Brandon Hall Group, Inc.

Brandon Hall Group has an extensive repository of thought leadership, research and expertise in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources. At the core of our offerings is an adult learnership program that empowers excellence through content, collaboration and community. Our adult learners have access to research that helps them make the right decisions about people, processes, and systems, combined with research-powered advisory services customized to their needs.


Amber Bovenmyer – Director of Sales and Marketing

Web Courseworks

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