Published: September 27, 2018

Bigger Brains, Award-Winning eLearning Library, Announces 100th Course

Bigger Brains is pleased to announce the availability of the 100th course in their off-the-shelf eLearning library. The title is “Power Up PowerPoint”, featuring presentation guru Kelly Vandever and TEDx speaker Dr Rebecca Heiss.

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Power Up PowerPoint - The 100th Course Of Bigger Brains

Bigger Brains is pleased to announce the availability of the 100th eLearning course in their “uniquely engaging” off-the-shelf content library.

The 100th title is “Power Up PowerPoint”, a course on creating effective and captivating presentations, featuring presentation-skills guru Kelly Vandever and TEDx speaker Dr Rebecca Heiss.  This is an all-new version of Bigger Brains’ original Power Up PowerPoint course, which was a best seller when it originally debuted in 2013.

Chip Reaves, President of Bigger Brains, explains “In the updated version Kelly brings in fresh and innovative ideas including games, interactive polls, video tips and more.”

“It’s wonderful to be able to reach such a broad audiences with Bigger Brains unique style to eLearning!” says Kelly Vandever.  “The more people we reach, the closer we get to eliminating boring business presentations from the face of the earth!  Thanks to Bigger Brains, we’re making a difference to business audiences everywhere!”

Bigger Brains’ off-the-shelf courses are used by businesses around the world, from small businesses to the Fortune 500. Using a unique video-based style, Bigger Brains courses feature two people on camera – a “Teacher” and a “Learner” – which allows for interaction, dialogue, interrogation, and humor similar to what is found in live classes.  The style has been a hit with users, winning the “Best IT Skills Training” from eLearning magazine and the “Best Learning Platform” from iStudy Guide.

While Bigger Brains is best known for its Microsoft Office & Office 365 training, courses like Power Up PowerPoint are part of a growing business & productivity skills niche.

The 100th course milestone won’t last long – Bigger Brains is releasing 14 new courses in October, including updates to its popular Office 365 training series, new Microsoft Office 2019 titles, and a sexual harassment course titled “Awkward at the Office”.

Bigger Brains courses are available through top eLearning and LMS companies around the world.

About Bigger Brains

Founded in 2012, Bigger Brains produces award-winning online training content in their “Uniquely Engaging” Teacher/Learner format. Most courses are filmed in their Anderson, SC studios and focus on topics related to Microsoft Office, Office 365 and general business productivity.