Published: August 14, 2020

CanopyLAB Acquires YoPublico And Expands In South America

Edtech company CanopyLAB acquires Peruvian publishing startup Yopublico in efforts to scale in South America after experiencing massive traction on the market.

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Danish CanopyLAB Acquires Peruvian YoPublico And Prepares For Big Things In The South American Market

In the wake of COVID-19 CanopyLAB - Social learning powered by AI is betting big on South America with the acquisition of the Peruvian publishing startup YoPublico.

Over 100 schools in the region have already transitioned to using the CanopyLAB’s Learning Management System (LMS) since the onset of COVID-19 and more than 1000 schools are using the free learning platforms TeacherLAB ( and the Spanish version ( to get up to speed which digital teaching tips and tricks.

“The pandemic accelerates an emerging trend into a megatrend. The South American market is incredibly interesting because they are looking for the best technology to transition to digital learning. Having boots on the group enables us to provide an even better customer experience” says co-founder and CEO of CanopyLAB Sahra-Josephine Hjorth.

Prior to the acquisition of YoPublico, who is based in Lima, Peru, CanopyLAB, and Yopublico, has been collaborating on customer projects for six months. Yopublico is a publishing startup, which specializes in digitizing content for authors and universities. With the acquisition, CanopyLAB now has the ability to support customers through the entire digitization journey, from having only physical books to running entire degree programs online.

CanopyLAB now has offices in Denmark, Peru, Colombia, and Vietnam.

CanopyLAB’s approach to learning is that social learning increases engagement and completion rates, which is why the CanopyLAB learning platform is designed with an integrated social network. “We feel the combination of social learning and adaptive quizzes has never been more relevant. Our customers rely heavily on these mechanisms to create engaging, relevant, and curated learning experiences during a time where we are further removed from our students, but we still want them to be inspired by going to school” Sahra-Josephine concludes.

Danish edtech CanopyLAB is behind a social and adaptive learning platform that is being used in more than 85 different countries. Based on co-founder Sahra-Josephine Hjorth's Ph.D. research at the University of Aalborg, CanopyLAB launched its product in late 2018 with a focus on corporate learning.

CanopyLAB was recently recognized by eLearning Industry on the list of top 20 LMS User Experiences and the top 20 in the Customer Experience category.