Published: February 28, 2018

Cinécraft Productions Enters New Era Of Leadership

The next generation of leadership for Cinécraft Productions has been named—Dan Keckan as CEO and Matt Walsh as COO.

Cinecraft Productions

Dan Keckan

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Next Generation Of Leadership For Cinécraft Productions

CLEVELAND, OH – February 23, 2018 – The next generation of leadership for Cinécraft Productions has been named, Dan Keckan as CEO and Matt Walsh as COO. Dan’s role as CEO will be to continue the organization’s advancement as a top national brand in custom learning solutions. Matt will assume all operations as COO.

Maria Keckan and Neil McCormick will remain sole shareholders of Cinécraft stock. Maria will continue as President and CFO. Neil will remain Board Chair and continue working with his key accounts.

Cinécraft has been working with Fortune 1000 organizations to craft custom learning solutions for nearly 80 years and that is not about to change. My parents built an amazing company with a great staff and solid core values to build upon that include customer-focus and integrity. We will also build upon our mission as creative storytellers, and look to create better learning experiences for our customers’ learners. What does better learning look like? Better learning means that we will bring the learner as close to the skill to be learned as possible. And better learning leads to better business results for our customers”, explained Dan Keckan.

The newest addition to the team, Matt Walsh said, “I’m excited for the opportunity to help lead a company with such a stellar reputation as Cinécraft. My goal is to bring the experience that I have gained from building and managing successful teams in tech to better serve our customer’s needs”.

Maria, on her 32-year run: “Most people who pass their company on to a family member do so wondering if the company will continue to thrive. Since the company is already thriving, in part because of our son, I believe he's clearly ready to take it to new heights. Matt who will be COO is an already tried and true winner at managing people. I am proud of the fact that we pass on a staff made up of truly good and caring people. It's been an honor to be the steward of such a company for 32 years.

“I’ve been a proud part of Cinécraft for 41 years. 32 years as owner. I think it is time for the next generation to take the reins. I’m excited about the energy and vision Dan and Matt are bringing to future of the Company”, stated Neil McCormick.

About Cinécraft Productions

Founded in 1939, Cinécraft  Productions is the oldest commercial producers of corporate and industrial films in the US. Today, Cinécraft Productions is a top 10 content development company specializing in creating custom learning solutions.