Published: April 18, 2022

CoderZ Launches League In A Box For On-Demand Coding Tournaments

Educators can create STEM community events involving several schools or districts.

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DERRY, N.H. – Schools and districts now can bring the thrill of virtual coding competitions to their classrooms and communities at any time with CoderZ Technologies LTD's newest offering, CoderZ League in a Box. This latest version of the award-winning code-learning platform enables educators to create on-demand local tournaments in addition to participating in the international CoderZ League: The Virtual Cyber Robotics Competition.

While students can gather at a school or community center for a league tournament, the gameplay occurs on CoderZ's online coding platform. Teams of students play together in fun "missions" by programming virtual 3D robots while learning the principles of coding. The teams can be any size, though three to six students per team is recommended. The competitions can involve students in a single school or educators can invite several districts to participate.

"League in a Box is an easy 'plug and play' solution that enables schools and districts to create exciting STEM community events on demand," said Yaarit Levy, VP Business Development.

This is a fun way to incorporate STEM in the curriculum and promote STEM learning throughout a district's student population. In addition to students learning coding and robotics, working as a team hones their collaboration skills, achieving mission goals boosts their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and the competitive aspect encourages grit.

Educators can select one of three "division" levels to match their students' learning needs. Each division is a separate League in a Box:

  • Novice: for students in grades four through six with no prior coding or robotics experience
  • Junior: for students in grades four through nine with basic knowledge of coding, computer science, or robotics
  • Pro: for students in grades seven through twelve with significant coding or robotics experience

All the divisions come with a training camp pack that allows students to get acquainted with the coding platform and practice for the actual competition. Each pack contains more than 20 training missions covering concepts that students will need to use when dealing with the challenges of the actual competition.

Educators can track students' progress and results via a team dashboard. Additionally, a competition leaderboard automatically shares hourly updates on the teams' progress to motivate students to keep going.

League in a Box comes with a league manager guide that explains how to lead the operation, administration, communication, and educational support required before, during, and after a competition. Educators also have access to a kit that includes competition logos and promotional posters, as well as online banners to help schools and districts generate excitement for tournaments both within school buildings and online. Also provided are badges, certificates, and awards so that teachers can recognize students' achievements and create an authentic league experience.

Levy continued, "League in a Box tournaments are unique STEM learning experiences that can serve as a fun option for STEM enrichment as well as after-school and summer enrichment programs. It's an extremely engaging way to teach students the principles of coding and robotics, and best of all, it's accessible to all kids!"

For more information about League in a Box, please go to the website or contact [email protected].

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