Published: September 7, 2016

CommLab India Conducts A Series Of Customer Education Programs In USA

CommLab India conducts a series of customer education programs on various aspects of e-learning in 5 U.S. cities – Chicago, IL, St. Paul, MN, Buffalo, NY and Browsville, and Texas.

CommLab India

Asma Zaineb

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CommLab India, a leading global learning solutions company, conducted a series of short workshops on various aspects of e-learning for its customers in 5 U.S. cities from July through August. In attendance were training and learning professionals from Chemical, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical companies.

RK Prasad, CEO & Co-Founder of CommLab India, conducted a one-day seminar series to provide customers the insights needed to make better decisions about their e-learning programs. In highly interactive sessions, he highlighted the basic elements for effective learning and the areas technology-enabled learning can be used to empower employees with knowledge and skills to drive business results. The initiative has been widely appreciated.

These seminars addressed the best practices for creating learning programs that impact employee productivity, case studies illustrating the impact of learning investments, and future trends in educational technology.

"Our main aim in organizing these seminars is to help customers make the most out of their online training programs and create awareness about where all e-learning can be used", said RK Prasad. "As more and more companies are relying on globally dispersed workforce, it becomes highly imperative for organizations to train their employees on a continual basis. In such situations, e-learning is a viable and accessible solution. ELearning can support the organizational goal of improved training cost, high retention, quality education, and increased business results".

He also talked about the latest e-learning trends including microlearning, gamification, video-based training, and personalized learning.

About CommLab India

CommLab India is a global e-learning company that has been providing custom learning solutions to more than 100 organizations in 30+ countries for the last 15 years. Its learning solutions include e-learning course development, m-learning solutions, translation of online courses and hosting and managing training materials on LMS.

CommLab India helps organizations achieve their business goals through just-in-time product knowledge training, ERP implementation trainings, compliance training programs and much more.