Published: August 4, 2017

CommLab India Hosts Learning Event In The US And Canada

CommLab India is hosting a seminar on overcoming training challenges using technology, in the US and Canada. It will explore the role of technology in designing, delivering, and rolling out online training for global audiences.

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CommLab India Hosts Learning Event About Training Your Global Workforce Using The Latest Learning Technologies

CommLab India, a global leader in offering custom e-learning solutions is hosting an interactive seminar Overcoming Barriers of Scale, Speed and Cost to Train Your Global Workforce across the US and Canada.

The event is hands-on, collaborative, draws on peer learning and highly participative. It will explore the role of technology in designing, delivering, and rolling out online training for global audiences. Peers and practitioners will facilitate case studies, present their experiences, discuss and share innovative ways to solve global training challenges with a limited group of fellow professionals.

Delegates Will Get To Explore:

  • How top organizations choose the most effective learning strategies, such as microlearning, gamification, and mobile learning to address their training challenges. Designs that not only do their job of enhancing performance but also lend themselves to cost-effective development.
  • How to produce hundreds of courses in weeks, choosing from among the top rapid authoring tools, adopting the best practices of eLearning development, to reach multilingual workforce and get the best out of your eLearning partners.
  • How to use learning analytics to measure effectiveness and ensure impact.

CommLab India often conducts educational seminars to share its learning gleaned from the best of organizations worldwide. Elaborating on this seminar, RK Prasad, the CEO of CommLab India said “This event is our endeavor to give members of Training fraternity the opportunity to network with peers and gain practical insights from practitioners on using technology to overcome training barriers”.

This unique learning event, that shuns mundane theory in favor of practical aspects, will be held in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York in the US, and Toronto, Canada.

Participation is limited to a select few, chosen for what they bring to the table and how they will benefit by the seminar. For more details, and to reserve your seat, click here.

About CommLab India

CommLab India LLP is a leading learning solutions company with expertise in design and development of eLearning courses since 2000. Its learning solutions include eLearning course development, mLearning solutions, conversion of legacy courses into the mobile-compatible HTML5 format, translation of online courses and hosting and managing training materials on LMS.

CommLab India has worked with organizations in various industries such as finance, insurance, manufacturing and healthcare. Based in India, it is a preferred vendor to several Fortune 500 companies, such as Alcoa, Mettler-Toledo and Pepco Holding Inc. and has an ongoing relationship with organizations such as SAI Global and Unilever.