Published: January 30, 2017

CommLab India Organizes The E-learning 2017 Summit Across India

CommLab India, a global leader in technology-enabled learning solutions, is organizing a series of interactive workshops, Training Challenges and E-learning Solutions Summit 2017, across 4 major Indian cities.

CommLab India

Asma Zaineb

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Training Challenges And E-learning Solutions Summit 2017 By CommLab India

CommLab India is organizing a series of unique conferences, Training Challenges and E-learning Solutions Summit 2017, in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad on March 7, 9, 14 and 16, 2017 respectively.

As a global leader in technology-enabled learning solutions, and a pioneer in the field of custom e-learning for 16 years, CommLab intends to share its knowledge and experience with Learning professionals to create awareness about the power of e-learning to solve corporate training challenges. The one-day interactive workshop is by invitation only to enlightened training managers and learning professionals of different industry verticals and business functions from Indian corporate majors.

RK Prasad, CEO and Co-founder of CommLab India said of this one of its kind summit, “It is an educational event to empower Learning professionals to use e-learning and technology-enabled training on par with the Fortune 500 organizations.

Chief Learning Architects of CommLab India from USA and Canada along with the CEO and other senior managers will present interactive, informative sessions on the latest technology-enabled learning trends, blending classroom training and e-learning, choosing the right Learning Management System, gauging organizational readiness for m-learning, and the myth of exaggerated e-learning costs.

Attendees will also participate in panel discussions with eLearning advocates in India, on the driving and restraining forces of e-learning implementation and get to know practical solutions. The combination of CommLab’s expertise and discussions with industry heavyweights makes this event unique, and one that Learning professionals need to attend to equip themselves with required knowledge to implement e-learning in their organizations.

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About CommLab India

CommLab India is a global e-learning company that has been providing custom learning solutions to more than 100 organizations in 30+ countries for the last 15 years. Its learning solutions include e-learning course development, m-learning solutions, translation of online courses and hosting and managing of training materials on an LMS.

CommLab India helps organizations achieve their business goals through just-in-time product knowledge training, ERP implementation trainings, compliance training programs and much more.