Published: August 26, 2016

Coursmos Releases SaaS-Based Learning Management System

Following their announcement of the pivot in corporate strategy, Coursmos announced its newest generation Learning Management System this week.


Julia Eremina

[email protected]


Coursmos SaaS-Based LMS

"We see a strong interest in the enterprise solution for learning management so it’s a natural decision to expand our product to a full-featured open education platform and head to the enterprise market," explained Coursmos founder and CEO Roman Kostochka.

The new platform is oriented toward mid-to-large size companies and enterprises in order to provide them with effective SaaS solutions for blended learning, interactive communication and performance analysis.

Coursmos LMS offers a streamlined design that requires no assistance from IT specialists to set up and maintain. Once setup, it offers a variety of tools for easy migration and customization in addition to providing access to a large collection of ready-to-go business courses that allow organizations to start using the system from day one while developing their own unique courses.

New Coursmos LMS

One of the main advantages of the brand new Coursmos LMS that makes it the best choice for implementing blended learning techniques is its diverse palette of tools that encourage interactive communication. Customers can use the built-in messenger, discussion boards and comments, email and push notifications, webinars and peer assessments as well as traditional tests and quizzes.

Individual and team performance can also be tracked using internal tools or through integrations with over 1,000 external services including popular CRMs and ERP, which allows talent managers to see the direct connection between learning and the effectiveness of daily operations.

Coursmos also boasts state-of-the-art mobile applications for clients so that employees can use their time more effectively and efficiently by wasting no time in learning during their commute or other daily activities.

LMS Market

Global trends on the LMS market show an average growth of 25% in recent years and is estimated to reach $7.8B by 2018. There is a market tendency toward implementation of cloud-based LMSs within many organizations, which provides obvious benefits such as significant reductions in terms of capital and operational costs as well as ease of roll out.

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