Published: May 16, 2016

Create eLearning Claims That eLearning Is Key To Education And Learning

The mobile-friendly e-learning portal producer, Create eLearning, has published an e-book outlining, ‘12 Reasons why the future of education and learning rests with eLearning’.

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Create eLearning: eLearning Is Key To Education And Learning

The mobile-friendly e-learning portal producer, Create eLearning, has published an e-book  outlining, '12 Reasons why the future of education and learning rests with eLearning'.

Citing research that states that 54 per cent of employees now consider L&D programmes to be of greater importance than annual salary when it comes to choosing a job, the e-book acknowledges that, ‘education and learning have become the cornerstone of any successful career’. It adds that, ‘as technology moves forward and the world shrinks, education becomes more and more global’.

Arguing that education and learning need to make use of the technology that is increasingly pervading every aspect of everybody’s lives, the e-book’s authors put forward 12 reasons for the continued rise of e-learning.

These include that e-learning:

  • Is affordable
  • Content is easy to create and deliver
  • Content can be distributed to almost anyone, almost anywhere at almost anytime
  • Encourages user-generated content
  • Is ‘more informal’ and certainly encourages informal learning

The book also points out that:

  • Mobile learning is becoming popular,
  • Social learning is here to stay and
  • More learning is needed more frequently by workers in today’s fast-paced workplace

The e-book is available for free!

“Moreover, the ability to track learning activities with experience API (xAPI) features is a game changer,” said Mark Taggart, Create eLearning’s CEO. “xAPIs are e-learning software features that allow learning content and learning management systems (LCMSs/ LMSs) to communicate with each other in such a way that helps record and track all kinds of learning experiences.

“This quantifiable, sharable and trackable information helps you know whether or not the learning was effective – and that makes LMSs the best friend of e-learning.”

Mark added, “The sheer number of LMSs currently on the market - there are some 700 of them – can confuse buyers.

“However, the Create eLearning system supports many API standards and can integrate with many HR, ERP, CRM platforms via Single Sign On, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, web services and so on. This enables the automated sending of user and training metadata to third party systems.”

Create eLearning ensures that its platform is HTML5 compliant. It’s built with PHP on a Zend Framework and hosted by Amazon Web Services in the US, EU and Asia Regions.

Mark formulated the concept for Create eLearning’s multi-layered training platform having worked in the heavily-regulated Clinical Trials industry, where his clients needed to train thousands of patients, doctors and nurses, via some 67 languages, across all time zones.

A fan of Apple and Netflix, Mark feels that the Create eLearning platform is like Netflix for training, with the added advantage of allowing working offline on low-cost devices. He commented, “This is an important consideration, particularly for the developing world where affordable education and training is needed.”

About Create eLearning

The Create eLearning Platform is a Learning Management System (LMS) that claims to be “like Netflix for training and coaching”. This mobile-friendly e-learning portal allows users to build, host, deliver and track e-learning, as well as unite all their online training and coaching. The LMS software can be accessed in the Cloud, offline and off-grid – and it is SCORM compliant.

Founded by Mark Taggart, Create eLearning’s LMS makes it easy for users to understand all the skills and competencies within their business - and spot the gaps. It also allows users to build classes quickly and efficiently; build once and use over-and-over; track all training, coaching and mentoring actives and investments in one place; report on progress, link back to profit, customer satisfaction and efficiency, as well as make it easy for the best practices happening within their business to be more widely circulated.

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