Published: November 12, 2021

Curricula Launches Free Security Awareness Training For Every Organization

Every business now has access to free security awareness training for employees designed to build a fun culture of cybersecurity.


Lauren Patrick

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Curricula Offers Free Security Awareness Training

Curricula, the fun security awareness training company, is proud to announce its platform is now free to any organization for up to 1,000 employees. With the growing threat of phishing and ransomware targeting businesses of all sizes, it’s imperative to have an educated workforce that's able to defend themselves against cyber attacks.

“After working with thousands of businesses, we noticed a big gap in the industry. No one is focused on helping SMBs with security training,” said Curricula’s CEO, Nick Santora. “While there are other free tools available, Curricula's training has demonstrated to be effective because employees actually resonate with the content and embrace cybersecurity.”

Since its founding in 2015, Curricula has helped companies to build a security culture based on positivity. Curricula Free includes everything needed to launch a fun employee security awareness program including their popular cybersecurity training content, an integrated phishing simulator, simple compliance reporting, and an easy-to-use custom content creator.

“Security awareness shouldn't be a compliance-focused activity or a reactive, knee-jerk decision caused by a data breach,” Santora explained. “We've eliminated the barrier to entry for every business to proactively level up their security training, for free, and launch their program within minutes.”

In August, the White House gathered technology leaders to discuss the coordinated effort of prioritizing cybersecurity. Coalition, one of the fastest-growing cyber insurance companies and a Curricula partner, was part of the discussion with President Biden. Compliance regulations are increasing, and cyber insurance is transitioning from a nice-to-have to becoming an operational necessity.

"Our partnership with Curricula was driven by the recognition that every business needs help training their teams to build a security-minded culture. We are committed to helping make free cyber security tools available for small businesses," said Joshua Motta, CEO and co-founder of Coalition. "Curricula Free enables our entire community of policyholders to reduce their cyber risk."

To get started with Curricula's free security awareness training, visit the website.


Founded in 2015, Curricula is a fun security awareness training platform that uses story-based learning to communicate cyber risk to employees. Curricula's mission is to fix boring security awareness programs by empowering employees to defend themselves against hackers. For more information visit our website.